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High-tech device could be the future of livestock ID

"The technology is hugely new and innovative," he said. "Retinal scanning security has been used, but this simply moves it to the bovine industry."

Mapping Technology Speeds Help to Fire-Scarred Land

"Erosion is a huge, complex problem," he said. "You don’t want to waste any time in fighting it."

GIS Web Portal Fuels San Francisco Economic Development

Of all the cities shaken up by the economic downturn following the dot-com bust, few have felt the impact like San Francisco. At the height of its technology-driven 90s economy, commercial vacancies were at a…

Visual Learning Systems’ Feature Analyst now Available on GSA Schedule

Visual Learning Systems Inc. (VLS) is pleased to announce that its flagship software product Feature Analyst is now listed on the U.S. Government’s General Services Administration (GSA) schedule. Feature Analyst quickly and accurately converts…

Former Wyoming Governor Spreads Gospel of GIS

As governor of Wyoming, Jim Geringer became a national leader in use of geospatial systems in government operations By Darby Patterson During his eight-year tenure as governor of Wyoming, Jim Geringer built a reputation…

The Sky’s the Limit – How GPS/GIS Is Changing Our World by transforming businesses.

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is transforming everything from auto insurance to agriculture, from hauling freight to trading stocks. Is your business next?

Fed CIO launches Geospatial One-Stop portal at GT event

"Nearly every government program uses geospatial technology in some capacity. However not every program needs to buy its own data and build its own systems," Forman said.

Kentucky Completes GIS Mapping Milestone

The Commonwealth of Kentucky added to its substantial online library of GIS data by completing a detailed digital map of its rivers and streams. The project also becomes part of the National Hydrography Dataset…

Group Looks to Maximize Value of GIS Data Nationwide

"Johnson has said that he hopes this process will eventually lead to a point where local officials view geospatial data and GIS technologies the same way they view e-mail, as another valuable and easily accessible tool for carrying out the job of being an effective local leader."