Energy and Climate Change

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‘Green’ power advocate provides all his own energy

"Can you get rich selling your power back to the power company?" Borton said. "No. The best you can do is to zero out your energy costs."

Montana leaders asked to prepare for potential NorthWestern bankruptcy

‘‘The state should be in the process to make sure these fundamental assets stay in strong Montana hands,” he said. ‘‘This could include cities and rural cooperatives.”

Clean energy, efficiency key to America’s (and Montana’s) future

I represent a group dedicated to promoting renewable energy in Montana. We take issue with a June 16 guest opinion "Don’t waste money on renewable energy." By DAVID RYAN Montana Renewable Energy Association Because the…

Northwestern to offer Tags-Based Green Power Program in Montana

"Our commitment to Montana will grow stronger," pledged Duncan. "BEF is actively seeking new solar and wind projects in Montana from which we can deliver locally-sourced green tags to NorthWestern Energy customers."

Berkeley Uses Environment Friendly Biodiesel Power in most city vehicles

"We think it’s an important contribution to the air quality of our city and the quality of life of our people," Mayor Tom Bates said as he announced the new policy this week. When something happens in Berkeley," said Bates, "it spreads."

Glacier Park vehicles run with mixed fuel

"It reduces the park’s dependency on (mostly) foreign oil by 20 percent," said Summerfield, who comes from a ranching background and is proud that bio-fuels are mostly derived from farm products.

A New Form of Wind Power

There are a few different designs of vertical axis turbines in use around the world today. At present, all the machines in use are mounted on top of specially designed and built towers. Source: E4…

Idaho Senator MIke Crapo supporting Idaho ethanol plant

U.S. Sen. Mike Crapo traveled to southern Idaho to tout the benefits of federally subsidized ethanol production. Associated Press Spokesman Review "It is now very clear the U.S. needs to start expanding its energy portfolio,"…

Plotting a power gambit in Montana: No certainties in generation race

The competition to develop new power-generating facilities in Montana can be compared to a baseball game. Being on first doesn’t guarantee anything because there are other factors at play. Such as who’s on second. By…

Yellow fields yield edible oil and clean fuel

To help make biodiesel more attractive, the Washington state Legislature passed a handful of tax exemptions designed to encourage production, handling and delivery of the plant-based fuels.