Energy and Climate Change

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Cleaner Coal Coming Down the Pipe

A hybrid turbine that generates electricity from coal mine waste could help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, perhaps one day making coal nearly as clean a fossil fuel as natural gas, according to Australian scientists. (Can Montana incorporate this technology to further increase the economic value of our coal reserves?- Russ)

PSC OKs wind power plan, but sets rates too low

The Montana Public Service Commission approved a contract Wednesday for a major wind project in Jefferson County but set the price for the electricity so low that the wind-power developer said it isn’t realistic to…

Going with the wind

Turbine efficiency and the ability to choose good sites have both improved dramatically. "Now you can produce energy that’s much more economical as well as better for the environment."

Developers fighting windmill plan

PROVO — How’s this for Quixotic? Phillip Green’s eye is tilted toward a windmill at Point of the Mountain, where he wants to determine if enough wind blows to spin the blades on power-generating turbines….

Sun Power For the Rest of Us-One startup is finally making solar panels affordable.

Solar panels are still a rarity in most communities in the United States. You might ask, why are there so few? But given the true economics of solar power today, it makes more sense to…

Small businesses in CA sue for refunds from energy suppliers

The private lawsuits have been valuable, Matthews said, because "there is nothing like" litigation to get opposing parties to the table to try to hash out an agreement. "The private lawyers are the ones that are keeping the whole thing honest," Aguirre said.

Idahoans learn about biodiesel

It´s not quite french fry fuel, but it´s awfully close. State of Idaho officials, local officials and private investors are exploring the possibility of building a plant that would take used cooking oil and convert…

Eastern could be first college to run on wind

Students proposed a $20.89 "wind energy" fee. The school’s president wants it to be optional. By Dawn Fallik Inquirer Staff Writer Students at Eastern University in Delaware County want their college to be perhaps the…

When pollution pays- loans available to help home owners pay for solar power and other alternative energy systems.

Courtesy of Conoco and other Montana polluters, more than $425,000 is now available, in individual $10,000 loans, to help home owners pay for solar power and other alternative energy systems. The low-interest loans are part…

Robin Hood for energy use

Under Aspen’s Renewable Energy Mitigation Program – commonly referred to as REMP – energy taxes on the rich pay for energy assistance to the less-affluent citizens of the Roaring Fork Valley.