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Economic Gardening

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Economic Gardening Program Plants The Seeds For Economic Success In Louisiana

Economic Gardening provides free consulting advice to businesses that show potential for expansion. The idea is to grow jobs and revenue, which helps not just the state but also communities.

Chamber Addresses Economic Gardening

Wants to Create Destination Image Campaign

The Companies You Keep – The evolution of economic gardening, and what it means for big business.

"The relocation of manufacturing plants offshore and the general decline of economic health in parts of the country have reduced the effectiveness of traditional economic ‘hunting.’ " For these reasons, economic gardening in its purest form has been adopted in smaller, more rural and harder-hit areas of the country.

Seeds planted for round two of economic gardening program in Butte-Silver Bow County in Montana

Before the county makes any decisions, it wants to ensure the program is working. It partnered with Northwestern Energy to analyze businesses that have completed the program.

New Economic Gardening Program in Western Montana

"The market research
provided to us through the Economic Gardening Pilot resulted helped us identify and focus our limited
resources on the best possible markets and resulted in over $100,000 in sales which immediately
enabled new hires." Michael Fitzgerald -co-founder and CEO of Submittable

Round 2: ‘Economic gardening’ branches out in Butte, Montana

Round two of Butte-Silver Bow’s winning collaboration with the national Center for Economic Gardening is officially under way.

Economic Gardening Is Growing, But What Is It?

Instead of trying to lure big companies with tax incentives, more and more places are trying to increase the number of local businesses to boost their economies.

Applications open for Fall 2014 Economic Gardening Certification Course

If you, or someone you know is interested in becoming a certified Economic Gardening specialist, send them online to apply!

Economic Gardening: A Homegrown Approach to Growth

Can an economic development strategy that is focused on fostering small businesses and a culture of local entrepreneurship truly grow a local economy?

Economic ‘gardening’ program nurtures Butte, Montana business owners

For five select businesses in Butte, an economic gardening program has sprouted savvy business owners whose companies are thriving.


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