Developing an Angel Network in Montana

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Washington Reform Update: Did Angel Investors Get Their Wings?

Here’s a quick before and after for comparison:

Angel Investors more powerful than VCs

Individual Angel Investors with strong business skills and extensive operations experience are in the ideal position to bring about the financial and operational revitalization needed to create new businesses.

Friend Or Foe? Angels, VCs Debate Who Has The Upper Hand

The big opportunity, Peters said, “is to connect more angels together.”

Angel-Backed Companies More Likely to Succeed, Says Harvard Study

Angel-funded firms are also more likely to show improved venture performance and growth as measured through growth in Web site traffic and Web site rankings. The improvement gains typically range between 30 and 50 percent.

Angel Investors Close to Deal Removing Curbs From Finance Bill

“We’re close to amendments that are good for entrepreneurs.”

Taking pot shots at angels: Federal regulation could kill investing

The financial sector reform bill being pushed by U.S. Sen. Christopher Dodd, D-Conn., takes direct aim at the wings of angel investors for reasons that defy explanation. If passed, this “Washington-knows-best” attempt to regulate some of the nation’s most productive risk-takers could destroy the entrepreneurial economy.

The U.S. Economy Needs a Host of Angel Investors

Never mind Wall Street. The best way to finance small business growth and job creation is to foster angel investing that helps entrepreneurs

Standard angel financing transaction documents

In the last year or so, there has been considerable effort to create standardized open source angel investor transaction documents.

Ron Conway And The Technology Ecosystem

Ron is the most prolific angel investor in the business. And also one of the most successful.

Yes Angels, Congress Is Listening

Sounds to me like something that got put into the bill without any input from the other side. Now that VCs are loudly raising objections, I wouldn’t be surprised if such changes are stripped — or at least scaled back — in the bill’s final version.