Developing a more Entrepreneurial Montana

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University of Montana Entrepreneur class to launch this summer

For all those students who want to open a business but never had the necessary business classes, finally, there is a solution.

The Montana Council on Economic Education offers scholarships to teachers interested in economics workshop, June 20-22

The three-day workshop is designed to enhance the skills of teachers of social studies, business, math, consumer and family science and other teaching disciplines.

University of Montana Unveils New Entrepreneurship Program

"Montana is built on a foundation of small businesses," said Commissioner of Higher Education Sheila Stearns. "Training our students to create and grow successful businesses can have a real impact on our state and demonstrates how the university system can support economic growth and provide opportunities for citizens to prosper."

UM School of Business Administration alumni are in Inc. Magazine’s "26 Entrepreneurs We Love" list: Michelle Cardinal & Tim O’Leary Cmedia and Respond2 for rewriting the rules for husband-and-wife teams

Each spouse runs an independent company in the infomercial business, even though they work together all the time.

Montana student entrepreneur, Kyle Weierman recognized

For the next few weeks, the BPA Chapter is looking for continued support as it holds fundraisers to send its qualifiers to the national competition. (Please do what you can to help support this organization and these Montana entrepreneurs of the future.)

Hard work, luck said to be keys to success- Guy Kawasaki in Boise, ID 4/5

"It’s a combination of hard work, luck and courage," Kawasaki said. "It’s not easy being an entrepreneur. That’s why there are so few."

Food co-op proposed for Missoula North Side

"People want to build community. They want to have a place to meet neighbors," Moody said. "This model creates a certain amount of ownership … they own and run the store," which makes them more likely to get and stay involved.

Real-World Advice for the Young

The best single piece of advice from Peter Drucker: Stop thinking about what you can achieve; think about what you can contribute (to your company, your customers, your marriage, your community). This is how you will achieve.

Are You Cut Out to Be an Entrepreneur?

Learn what qualities entrepreneurs have in common–and whether you have what it takes to join their ranks.

Illinois Gov. Launches Entrepreneur Web Site

The mission of the Illinois Entrepreneurship Network is to provide entrepreneurs with the critical resources needed to convert those good ideas into thriving businesses, and, by doing so, convert the economic promise of Illinois into greater prosperity," State Senator Arthur Wilhelmi (D-Crest Hill) said.