Developing a more Entrepreneurial Montana

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It’s the Entrepreneurs, Stupid!

On attracting, keeping and nourishing entrepreneurs. Here’s how.

What Not to Do – A seasoned entrepreneur reveals the 17 most common mistakes startups make and how to avoid them — plus, the 5 things you must do to ensure success.

"I wanted to make a company that didn’t make any of these mistakes. I wanted to see if I could come up with the perfect company."

Jump-starting the start-ups – ASU program (funded by local entrepreneur) encourages student entrepreneurs

The money is funding a program to cultivate student business start-ups. It is part of a trend at business schools nationwide to help good ideas become moneymaking ventures.

Lighting the entrepreneurial spark

Now back to our towns. No matter how small your community, there are local people who are extremely interested in helping your town succeed _ people willing to put their talents, energy, and money to work, and people who want to invest their money locally.

Program Aims to Train Rural Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship seen as economic antidote to regional declines in farming and manufacturing.

For younger professionals, ‘entrepreneur’ isn’t a bad word anymore

Do you have the entrepreneurial chops?

StartupNation: Making a living from innovation

According to the authors, the best time to start a new business is right now. And unless you’re planning to go to market with buggy whips or Spiro Agnew masks, that’s probably good advice.

Capital DECA students place fifth in national competition

DECA is an international association of marketing students with 185,000 members across the United States and in Canada, Germany and the U.S. territories.

Conference focuses on experience, challenges of being an entrepreneur

"Being an entrepreneur can be a very lonely experience," Still said. "It’s reassuring to hear the stories of those who came before and survived and even prospered."

Pioneer Entrepreneurs® Dispatches from the Frontier . No. 27

Welcome to Dispatches from the Frontier – perspectives on the Pioneer Entrepreneurs® who are transforming the opportunity landscape. Through our Dispatches, we’ll periodically share our observations regarding people, places, business models, ideas, and trends.