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Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte tests COVID-19 positive

With a population just over 1 million, Montana has diagnosed more than 105,000 cases including 1,466 deaths, according to the state’s department of health.

In Empty Amsterdam, Reconsidering Tourism

Before Covid-19, the city was packed with visitors. Now efforts to rein in the expected post-pandemic crowds are ramping up, but not without controversy.

Mask Up Montana! – Biden calls for mask mandates, CDC director fears ‘impending doom’ from COVID surge – ‘Nobody Is Safe Until Everyone Is Safe’

The warnings came amid a 10% rise in cases.

Don’t post a picture of your vaccine card! The Dark Web Is Teeming With Vaccine Listings Right Now

Tired of waiting to get your vaccine appointment? For just $500, you could get a COVID-19 vaccine dose tomorrow (overnight shipping not included). Too rich for your blood? How about a vaccination card for just $150?

Why Chobani is giving its workers in Twin Falls, Idaho the vaccine at its factory. “The faster we do it, the faster we get back to normal.”

Workers at the yogurt company’s Twin Falls, Idaho, plant don’t have to go anywhere or make complicated appointments to get their shots. They’ll happen right at work.

What exactly is in the $1.9 Trillion Stimulus Act passed by Congress? Montana may get as much as $2.7 billion

The bill contains many provisions that may have down-stream benefits for small businesses. Those include:

“Before I came down with the virus, I was one of those jackasses who thought the virus would disappear the day after the election. I was one of those conspiracy theorists.”

Russell once thought the coronavirus wasn’t a real threat. He didn’t believe in masks. All that has changed.

We’ve Got This – Mask Up Montana

Together, we can make a big difference and keep our families, friends, and communities safe and healthy. We all have to do our part.

Senator Tester Secures $20 Billion for Vaccine Distribution in COVID Relief Package, Millions for Montana Workers and Small Businesses

Investments will significantly ramp up production, procurement and distribution of vaccines, allow for Montana’s economy to reopen faster

How states rolling back mask mandates could impact all of us.

“Hey, we’re about to get there. We’re so close. Let’s not screw it up now.”