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Montana’s expansive vaccine laws translated to more death

Montana politics, politicians may have been able to save 1-in-3 COVID deaths. Doctors, public health leaders frustrated, stymied by Gianforte administration

The surprising link between Covid-19 deaths and … internet access

The case for treating internet access as a health necessity.

Europe Is Getting Hit by Covid Resurgence After Rushed Exit

In Germany, the record infections means there’s “the danger of long Covid for more people than ever before,” Lauterbach said on Twitter on Monday. “Two hundred deaths per day. Soon it could be more.”

How to Navigate International Travel Now—and in the Near Future

Even though people are planning trips again, the thought of traveling overseas right now can seem daunting.

Montana reports more than 5000 COVID cases in three days

The state currently has 14,602 active cases and 292 patients hospitalized. 

How to Reuse N95, KN95, and Other Disposable Masks

Fortunately, for most people and in most situations, you don’t need to chuck your mask after each use, or each day. Here are some answers to common questions about reusing your disposable mask.

Yale team develops clip-on monitor to detect coronavirus exposure

Engineers from Yale University have developed a wearable device that can help individuals assess whether they have been exposed to SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. The cheap device can clip onto a person’s clothes and capture aerosolized viral particles in the surrounding environment.

US orders private insurers to start covering at-home Covid tests

Insurance companies and health plans will cover eight free tests per-person per-month, and there is no limit on rapid or PCR tests for people who have been determined to have a greater testing need by a medical professional.

Montana hospitals prepare for a new wave of COVID-19 patients

COVID cases over the past week have more than doubled and the number of new cases added each day is growing. Hospitalizations in recent weeks have ticked down coming off the state’s recent wave fueled by the Delta variant.

Airplane Passengers At Least Twice As Likely To Catch Covid-19 Because Of Omicron, Airline Trade Body Says

The omicron variant of the coronavirus raises the risk of infection on board a passenger plane by two or even three-fold, according to the airline industry’s biggest trade body, a finding that may foreshadow an exponential increase in cases as millions of travelers take to the skies to be with their families during the holiday season.