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New ‘Heavily Mutated’ B.1.1.529 Covid-19 Coronavirus Variant Spreading In South Africa

This B.1.1.529 variant could be the winner if a “variant with the most mutations” title were awarded today.

Montana leads country in COVID cases per 100k

“We are the hottest spot and Yellowstone County is leading with the number of cases in the state,”

Covid Is Killing Rural Americans at Twice the Rate of Urbanites – Montana reaches 2,000 COVID-19 deaths, with over 100 in the past week

Rural Americans are dying of covid at more than twice the rate of their urban counterparts — a divide that health experts say is likely to widen as access to medical care shrinks for a population that tends to be older, sicker, heavier, poorer and less vaccinated.

City of Bozeman, Montana offers vaccine incentive, lottery for $1,000

Bozeman residents now have another incentive to get a COVID-19 vaccine beyond protecting themselves and others from a virus that’s now killed more than 660,000 Americans: cash prizes.

New federal vaccination mandate could complicate things for Montana hospitals

“I think it’s very clear if it can go into effect, it will make things safer,” said Dr. Pam Cutler, president of the Montana Medical Association. “It will make life more complicated in Montana, where this is a controversial topic, but it will make things safer for patients and employees.”

A Longer Pandemic?

The proliferation of Covid-19 variants in Africa could lead to vaccine-evading mutations that may derail global attempts to end the pandemic, a group of African and international organizations said.

President Biden announces new vaccine mandates that could cover 100 million Americans – Montana Governor Gianforte promises to fight mandate

The President directed the Labor Department to require all businesses with 100 or more employees ensure their workers are either vaccinated or tested once a week. Companies could face thousands of dollars in fines per employee if they don’t comply.

United Airlines Staff Who Get Religious Exemption From Covid Vaccine Mandate Will Need To Take Unpaid Leave

United did not disclose its vaccination rate to Forbes, but the company estimated that 90% of pilots and 80% of flight attendants were inoculated when it first rolled out its mandate last month, and it said in Wednesday’s memo that most staffers who were still unvaccinated when the requirement was announced are now vaccinated.

Mayor: National Guard not available to help Missoula hospitals with Covid surge; Sleepy Inn offline

On Thursday, Missoula County reported 752 active cases of Covid-19 and 110 deaths. Last week, Providence St. Patrick’s Hospital CEO Joyce Dombrouski said the resurgence of Covid-19, fueled by the more virulent Delta variant, was stressing local hospitals.

Missoula heads into legal gray with vote to continue quarantine order for close contacts

Board made the unanimous decision Tuesday as it met to discuss possible legal concerns