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Your Financial Support is Requested to Help Develop Montana’s Next Generation of Economic and Community Development Tools – It’s Montana’s Future

We can’t do this work alone. We need your active participation, critical thinking and resources to do the work outlined in the scope of work (see Summary). It’s Montana’s future.

Starlink – SpaceX Is on a Mission to Beam Cheap, High-Speed Internet to Consumers All Over the Globe

The project is called Starlink, and if it’s successful it could forever alter the landscape of the telecom industry.

Google Just Announced a Major Search Algorithm Change That Users Will Probably Love, and Some Businesses May Absolutely Hate

Google is rolling out its “single biggest positive” algorithm change, one that could affect 10 percent of all search results.

The FCC is using streaming services as an excuse to raise cable rates

AT&T’s TV Now streaming service qualifies as reasonable competition for conventional cable, opening the door to a massive deregulation in monopoly cable markets.

The Western Governors’ Association will host the webinar, Broadband Data & Mapping: Federal Action & Developments, on Nov. 15.

The Chairman’s Initiative is examining challenges and opportunities in rural economic development, including a strong focus on promoting digital connectivity to rural communities.

Investing in Digital Equity: The Case for Broadband Expansion

With society rapidly digitizing and high-speed Internet access fast becoming a vital utility, government must work to balance the needs of underserved populations with financial realities.

Sen. Jon Tester Grills Media Executives on Failure to Bring Local Broadcasting to Montana Markets

Senator: “Two of the twelve media markets that cannot get local broadcasts are in Montana…can you commit to providing service to those markets?”

100% of Montana schools now have broadband access

We need to continue to bridge the gap between urban and rural schools and ensure that every classroom is equipped with 21st-century technology to allow our teachers to be innovative and for students to be better prepared for a modern and changing workforce.

1 Gbps connection for $9.99 a month with no contractual obligation- The city with the best fiber-optic network in America is in Idaho

“We’ve just found a way to make it a true public infrastructure, like a road.”

Triangle Communications Expands Havre Service, Receives Increased Calls During Spectrum Outage

The Montana company is taking calls and setting up appointments for residential services.


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