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Momentum Builds for Maryland’s Rural Broadband Initiative

“If our children have to go to McDonald’s to do their homework, that’s not a good thing,”

Federal money available for rural broadband – but is it enough? And, for what?

Tens, or hundreds, of millions of dollars needed to fill gaps

Part Two: Cell-phone service in Montana: Large chunks of the state still uncovered

“The big carriers want to cover the corridors, the highways; they don’t get off the highways much,” says Craig Gates, CEO of Havre-based Triangle Communications, one of only two rural telephone companies in Montana that still offer cell service.

Montana Communicators Conference 2019 – 9/27-29 – Kalispell

The Conference allows attendees to hear from industry experts on trends and best practices for success. In addition, we offer networking opportunities that will allow you to share ideas, collaborate and build relationships.

Access to high-speed Internet, cell service in rural Montana: A long ways from adequate

This is the first of a three-part series on the status and future of high-speed Internet and cell service in rural Montana.

‘Tell Us Something’ – “Leap of Faith” -9/24 – Missoula

Eight storytellers will share their true personal story without notes on the theme “Leap of Faith”.

Montana schools accused of website inaccessibility

“I think it’s an issue of time and of energy, of knowledge, and honestly respect for consumers,” says MSDB Superintendent Donna Sorensen.

Wi-Fi 6 Will Be Here Soon. What Is It?

The new standard promises to improve the speed and reliability of your home Wi-Fi network. And it arrives as soon as this fall.

FCC authorizes $172M for broadband access in rural Wyoming

Carriers have to “maintain, improve, and expand” broadband that meets certain requirements in more than 363,000 of the locations nationwide: 25 megabits per second downstream and 3 Mbps upstream.

5 Tips to Gain From People Who Don’t Think Like You

In my experience as a business advisor, that’s probably the biggest hurdle to success encountered by every new business owner.


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