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Sen. Jon Tester – Update on available Broadband assistance

The fund would estabish a fund to compensate rural broadband providers for offering free or discounted services to families who are struggling to keep up with their bills due to COVID-19.

In Migrant Worker Camps, Wifi Is a Basic Utility

During the Covid-19 pandemic, an agricultural community comes together to expand wifi access in migrant farmworker camps.

Alphabet’s internet balloons take on first commercial task in Kenya

They are providing thousands of folks with an entirely novel form of internet access.

Chicago Wants to Make Its Student Broadband Program Permanent

The program, dubbed Chicago Connected, will provide more than 100,000 Chicago Public School students with the Internet at home, and officials say the goal is to make sure those students are never without broadband again.

Senator Tester Grills FCC Chairman on Plan to Spend Billions on Broadband Expansion without Accurate Coverage Maps – Senator: ‘The potential for wasting money here is just over the top”

The agency announced that it will roll out their $9 billion 5G Fund and their $20 billion Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF) before they are able to build accurate, granular service availability data through the implementation of Tester’s Broadband DATA Act.

USDA Seeks Applications for Technical Assistance Grants to Help Socially Disadvantaged Groups

A socially disadvantaged group is one whose members have been subjected to racial, ethnic or gender prejudice because of their identity as members of a group without regard to their individual qualities.

How Working Remotely Is Making Us More Creative

The shift to remote work has made many elements of daily working life more difficult, but it may provide a hidden boost to humanity’s creative powers.

Tell Us Something Online Storytelling Intensive Workshop – Tuesday Evenings – 7/28 – 8/25 – 5:30-7PM

The goal of the workshop is to have a 10-minute story to share on the theme “Good Intentions” by the end of the workshop.

Elon Musk’s company SpaceX applies to offer high-speed internet service to Canadians

“With fast, reliable and affordable internet, rural areas will benefit immensely economically, and a lot of younger people won’t end up leaving for the city.”

How San Rafael, Calif., Built a Wi-Fi Network During a Pandemic

Officials in the San Rafael tech shop were able to build a mesh Wi-Fi network to connect students in the dense Canal Neighborhood with the help of volunteer expertise and funding from across sectors.