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USDA Expands Access to Broadband Infrastructure for Rural Businesses and Residents Under Select Rural Development Programs

Effective immediately, entities may be eligible to use up to 10 percent of a loan, grant or loan guarantee to build, improve or acquire rural broadband facilities and equipment in areas not served by a minimum acceptable level of broadband service which is 25 megabits downstream and 3 megabits upstream for both mobile and fixed service.

Missoula County to Host Virtual Summit on Restoring Passenger Rail to Southern Montana – 9/17 – 10AM-2PM

The summit is open to elected officials, government staff, business and tourism professionals, and anyone interested in restoring passenger rail service to southern Montana, increasing rail connectivity across the region, and how it would complement existing Empire Builder service in northern Montana.

The Case for Making Virtual Public Meetings Permanent

They can’t completely replace in-person meetings, but conducting more public business online reduces costs, gives more people a voice and cuts down on disruption. It also can lead to better policy.

States with Broadband Funding Program Have Better Access

In states that restrict municipal broadband, residents fared worse.

Our students can’t wait any longer. We must bring the internet to everyone

The coronavirus pandemic has revealed the depths of the digital divide in this country. It’s time for lawmakers to step up and provide broadband to all families.

America’s Moral Obligation for Universal Broadband

Too little progress has been made to ensure that high-speed Internet is available to all. As the pandemic has demonstrated, far too many still don’t have what they need to function in a virtual world.

Verizon Council Talks Interoperability, 5G in First Town Hall

After parsing through issues of the moment, such as community trust, defunding, recruitment and social media, their conversation offered a glimpse of public safety’s technological future — particularly interoperability and 5G.

The unemployed are taking their struggles to Reddit, a ‘beacon of light in this long dark night’

A striking aspect of the subreddit is how it brings people together regardless of their politics — an anomaly in our divided America. Unemployment has a tendency to wash away differences. Socialists, libertarians and everyone in between fill the discussion, and everyone gets something slightly different out of it.

10 cool Zoom app plug-ins to enhance your video meeting experience Meetings can transcribed in real-time via Otter

California Gov. Signs Order to Spur Broadband Improvements

The newly signed executive order directs several agencies to “regularly convene private-sector companies in an effort to understand and predict current and future demand for broadband.”