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Smart Growth Can Deliver Affordable Housing – Solutions mix public values, community investment

“But the conversation cannot stop there,” he cautioned. “Not only do we need additional funding targeted at maintaining affordable housing in urban communities, we also need to make sure that there’s funding for affordable housing in small, rural villages. There’s a growing need for this kind of housing in both areas.”

Communities can see future in 3-D

Boulder group’s software offers fly-overs, walk-throughs of proposed town projects By Jennifer Beauprez, Denver Post Business Writer New subdivisions and shopping centers that pop up in communities can be far different from what residents expected…

For film pros, this year’s International Wildlife Film Festival (Missoula April 19-26) offers pleasant oasis

Annual fete begins Saturday This year’s International Wildlife Film Festival may be the 26th in a line of similar events, but much has changed in that time – both for the festival, as well as…

Placemaking: Smart Growth And The Arts

"Artists need places and places need artists — how the arts and smart growth can work together."

Is that a daisy growing on your roof?- More people are finding that ‘ecoroofs’ help both their property and the environment blossom

Most people in the rainy Pacific Northwest want to remove moss from their roofs, but Portlander Tom Liptan is happy to see vegetation growing on his rooftop. He turned his garage green on purpose by…

Smart-growth scorecard developed – System rewards builders for attaining neighborhood goals

Denver real estate developer Will Fleissig wants local governments to keep better score of smart growth. Smart-growth communities are neighborhoods where homeowners can leave their cars at home, where residents can walk to the store,…

A Planning Checklist for Your Next Community Centennial, L.A. County’s city of tomorrow, incorporates 33 ‘strategies and guidelines’ for creating better communities.

With 23,000 homes on 11,000 acres, Centennial in northeast Los Angeles County will be far bigger than any community where most builders will ever buy lots, let alone plan. But today, with more builders than…

Creating Vibrant Neighborhood Centers-Reinventing urban life

"The city had been its own worst enemy," Costa says. "Its own zoning prohibited the types of areas the group wanted to create. Krieger says there is a wave of millions of people worldwide who want to move back into their cities and won’t mind walking as long as the path is made interesting."

‘Smart’ Denver Project Gets High Grades- Sprawl Opponents Applaud Redevelopment; Housing Attracts Strong Demand

As many cities across the nation sprawl ever farther from their centers, snarling traffic and polluting the air, the demand for viable urban-redevelopment projects is increasing. By RYAN CHITTUM Staff Reporter of THE WALL STREET…

Bozeman Mayor gives ‘State of City’ speech

"Bozeman just keeps growing and expanding as if running as fast as it can toward a less than certain future," Kirchhoff said. "We are exceptional in this regard."


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