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Want a high-skill job? Move to the Pacific Northwest

According to USA TODAY analysis, 1.8 million new high skill jobs are expected to be created by 2017.

Portland’s tech renaissance is great for software developers, not so for those looking to hire

"I deal with a lot of employers, and they’re saying we’re having a hard time finding people."

Oregon Career Opportunity – Business Intelligence (BI) Consultant, Enterprise Data Asset Manager – University of Oregon

Information Services at the University of Oregon is seeking an Enterprise Data Asset Manager to join our DBA team in providing administration and support for relational database management systems (RDBMS) and related applications.

Oregon Career Opportunity – GIS Specialist II/III Position – Portland General Electric

If you’re looking for a new opportunity in an essential, dynamic industry, consider becoming a part of our PGE team.

WorkSource Oregon launches mobile jobs site

Jobseekers don’t need to be registered with the state’s WorkSource system to access the sites, according to a press release issued by the Oregon Employment Department.

Oregon Career Opportunities – Inside Sales, Developer, Account Manager – Chirpify

Chirpify turns Tweets into transactions, enabling consumers and businesses to buy, sell, donate and transact on Twitter.

Oregon Career Opportunity – Marketing and Communications Director – Rural Development Initiatives

Our new Marketing and Communications Director will plan, develop and implement all marketing, communications and public relations activities for the organization.

Oregon Career Opportunity – Rails Developer and an Engineering Manager/Developer – Paydici

You code for fun. You’re a generalist; you like working on the whole stack, but probably have strengths in particular areas.

36 Hours in Portland, Ore.

Indeed, Portland — whose nicknames include Beervana and Soccer City, USA — is easy to poke fun at. It’s also hard to resist.

Oregon Career Opportunity – Finance Director – Rural Development Initiatives

This position is responsible for maintaining and strategically improving the financial systems necessary to support the organization’s overall operations.