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City Club Missoula an idea worth watching

There’s an idea taking root in Missoula that may prove helpful toward smoothing out some of those snags. It’s called the City Club Missoula. It’s just in the formative stages, but it’s been conceived with the idea of creating of forum for civil discourse outside of the formal and frequently contentious arena of governmental hearings.

Collaborative Governance gives all parties with a stake in a public problem a say in how to resolve it.

What if, as a citizen, you were invited to a meeting and found yourself, not in an impersonal hearing room but at a conference table where work gets done. Imagine around this table some citizens, some representatives from industry, union people, farmers, environmental groups, and others affected by what happens along the coastline. Imagine the state official who called you together says that, instead of the government creating a plan that only some could live with, it is instead up to you. As a group you’re to hammer out a solution. That’s collaborative governance, and it feels much different from simply "listening to the public."

City Club Missoula takes shape with different opinions in civil, civic discourse

The next City Club Missoula luncheon is scheduled for Jan. 21. Please plan on attending…and bring a friend.

Missoula City Club draws interest for next luncheon this Friday 12/17

"It’s a way to be involved in the future of Missoula and the way it’s going," Olivier said. "Everyone can learn about what other people are doing, about our economy, our way of life and perhaps about being involved in Missoula’s growth, but also staying together as a community."

First City Club Missoula gathering a success. More are planned

“We need a learning process to position ourselves for the future,” said Dr. Larry Swanson to an attentive audience. “Open discussion brings better leadership. The notion of the city club is to talk things over, to encourage discourse in an open forum.”

City Club Missoula Inaugural Luncheon, 10/22, Missoula

We are excited participating in the inaugural meeting of City Club Missoula. Many communities across the United States host City Clubs; some have been in existence for many years. The goal of City Club Missoula…

The big picture – Cooperation within – and between – communities key to guiding state’s rapidly changing economy

“We need to position the city of Missoula in a place where we can kind of drive what happens, or at least have a give-and-take with what happens,”

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