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No, Really! Your Startup Doesn’t Have to Be in the Bay Area – You Should Consider Montana Instead

It was the right decision, because we were able to go way further with a small amount of capital. I’m able to get engineering talent for so much cheaper.

4 Key Questions To Identify Your Ideal Startup Site – Have you considered the opportunities in Montana?

When it comes to the technology ecosystem, clusters are vital.

In this part of the Midwest, the problem isn’t China. It’s too many unfilled jobs. Choose Montana

The lack of laborers not only threatens to stunt the growth of these companies, experts warn, but it could also force them to decamp their home town in search of workers.

Is it time to leave San Francisco?

All I do is work. I merely exist.

Now Anywhere Can Be Silicon Valley – Choose Montana

So now Montana natives who previously would have had to relocate to find high paying jobs, or even entrepreneurs who just want to enjoy a low cost of living and access to the outdoors have...

CEO explains precisely why companies are moving jobs to smaller cities

As other employers have discovered, many younger workers are choosing jobs that don’t require driving — even if it means turning down more money or a promotion.

Chelsea Cheff provides safety element for host of uses while living her dream in Montana – SOS Gear

"People want to stay in Montana, and given that there aren’t that many large corporations here, people try to figure out a way to stay," Kregg Aytes, dean of the Jake Jabs College of Business...

Montana’s technology industry attracts businesses, talent – You should be here building your career and living the Big Sky life

"I mostly grew up in Ukraine, in a metropolitan city and I totally hated that. I like nature and (Montana) is an awesome place to work."

Kauffman Foundation notes enormous increases in entrepreneurship courses at colleges and universities

"We had a researcher who went to visit Montana because they are doing really interesting things."

Four in a row: Montana tops Kauffman report for startup activity

"We’re the number one place in America to start a business," said Andy Shirtliff, the small business advocate with the Governor’s Office of Economic Development. "The state of Montana’s entrepreneurial ecosystem is strong."

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