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Computer skills taught in secret to maintain authority

She is a computer tutor to corporate big shots, giving pointers in the fine arts of opening e-mail attachments, navigating Excel spreadsheet and performing other PC chores the executives’ minions probably can do in their sleep.

"You’d be surprised by what they don’t know," Shaheen says. "And they’re not comfortable asking the IT person in their company because then they show weakness to their staff." Featured Career Opportunity of the Week – Electrical Engineer

Featured Career Electrical Engineer Salary $40,000 – $50,000 Dynojet Research Belgrade, MT Featured Talent of the Week- CIO, VP, Director

Featured Talent CIO, VP, Director John Watson

What Kind of Managers Target Their Own Jobs in Cost Cutting?

Shawn McEntee, a former finance director of a Greensboro, N.C., nonprofit group, tells potential employers that a dramatic decline in contributions cost him his job. He omits a crucial detail: He proposed the elimination of… Featured Career Opportunity of the Week- Media Relations Manager

Featured Career Media Relations Manager RightNow Technologies Bozeman, MT Featured Career Opportunity of the Week- Executive Director

Featured Career Executive Director Montana Mental Health Association Helena, MT Featured Talent of the Week- Sales Engineer, Network Engineer, Sales

Featured Talent Sales Engineer, Network Engineer, Sales Martin H. McGill

Phone Interviews Can Be A Deceptively Tricky Task

Last year, Kristy Lash was desperate to find a summer internship at a public-relations firm in the U.S. There was one problem: She was in Paris at the time. By KEMBA J. DUNHAM Staff Reporter…

20 Strategies to Make Your Mind Bloom

"Training for Competitiveness"-"Competencies" "Productivity" – "Certification" – Performance Improvement" these are the buzz words of the business world. They suggest a formal process of learning with measurable outcomes and results. But there are other ways…

Managing Telling Tension

Your ability to manage Telling Tension can have a more positive impact on your career than any other single skill. Telling Tension is the compelling desire to talk. (Memorize this definition.) It occurs whenever someone…