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Dorsey & Whitney - An International business law firm, applying a business perspective to clients' needs in Missoula, Montana and beyond.

Prospera Pulse Networking Events

Monthly Member Meetups are Prospera’s signature networking event, bringing our members together for light fare, drinks, and meaningful business connections.

Biz to Biz – Strong Communities, Stronger Businesses

Join our vibrant community of entrepreneurs and gain access to powerful connections, expert guidance, warm leads, and a supportive network dedicated to helping your business thrive.

Paid or unpaid, child care is vital to the economy. This program recognizes that

A half dozen women — in their 30s, 40s and 50s — gather in a classroom in Phoenix for a few hours on a weekday morning.

They are all caregivers of young children.

Montana Ranks 45th in the US for this Attractive Job Option? I’m calling bunk on this study.

Based on internet speed and the number of available remote jobs per 10,000 people, Montana doesn’t look great from the outside. But I feel like this study doesn’t accurately portray the reality of the work-from-home model in Montana.

Global Gauntlet – A Trivia Competition of Global Proportions – 9/27- Missoula

This MWAC “signature” fundraiser is a team trivia competition like no other. Modeled after our Academic WorldQuest competition, teams of community supporters vie to test their knowledge on global events. Funds raised from this evening event support the Council’s ongoing efforts to increase global awareness and understanding in Montana’s classrooms and communities and especially supports our Global Education Initiatives.

Welcome to the Montana World Affairs Council

MATR is proud to help support and promote the Montana World Affairs Council and it’s goal of fostering global understanding and awareness in Montana’s communities and classrooms.

International Careers Week 2/5-7 – Montana World Affairs Council – Online

Join the Montana World Affairs Council as we cover a range of different international careers opportunities. Our distinguished guest speakers will discuss with students how they got into their career path, what the career daily life entails, and more! Students will have plenty of time to ask any questions. Programs will be recorded and uploaded to our YouTube. All grade levels are encouraged to participate and are free to join!

Number of small businesses with job openings they can’t fill still high

Just over half of owners reported few or no qualified applicants for the positions they had.

Mansfield Dialogues – Security Technologist Bruce Schneier Reimagining Democracy in the Age of AI – 7/18 – Bozeman and Zoom

AI is altering the work of democracy across the globe. Many of these changes could make democracies more responsive to the will of the people and involve citizens more deeply in governance, but only if we prioritize the creation of secure and trusted AI systems. Join internationally renowned security technologist Bruce Schneier for an exploration of these topics.

Forget Zoom, Meet, and FaceTime: This video-chat app beats them all

Yep is free and works on any device, anywhere—no downloads, sign-ins, or data-sharing required.