American Prairie Reserve

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Video – Last Wild Places: American Prairie Reserve in Montana

The American Prairie Reserve is assembling land in northern Montana, with the goal of creating a seamless 3.5 million acre grassland habitat. When they reintroduce bison to the landscape, both the ecosystem and local people benefit.  

Two visions collide amid push to restore Montana’s plains

“Species are blinking out,” he says. “Habitat is going away. There’s a really short period, maybe 20 to 30 years, to do some really big stuff, and then the opportunity is going to be gone. We’re swinging for the fences here.”

This is American Prairie Reserve in Montana – Excellent Videos

Join us in protecting this remarkable ecosystem.

The American Prairie Reserve’s ‘Sentinel’ Magazine – Ken Burns American Heritage Prize to be awarded to Wynton Marsalis

American Prairie Reserve is creating the largest nature reserve in the continental United States.

Big (and small) Money Is Building A New Kind Of National Park In The Great Plains of Montana

American Prairie’s wild herd of bison will be the largest in North America. There are already more than 800 on the land.

The Next Yellowstone: A New Kind Of National Park in Montana – American Prairie Reserve

Biologists believe American Prairie Reserve may represent the last best place to pursue a wildly ambitious restoration of the Great Plains — and at a time when many have lost faith in the government to protect wild places.

CBS Sunday Morning – Patagonia: How Doug and Kristine Tompkins gathered 14 million acres to open 12 national parks

It’s a dream that has been two-and-a-half decades in the making, and the culmination of a remarkable love story.

Montana’s American Prairie Reserve is growing by 14,122 acres!

“The topography and habitat of Blue Ridge are extremely important to the regional elk population,”

16 drawn for American Prairie Reserve bison harvest

More than 2,400 entries were submitted

How Americans Are Saving Their Great Plains, One Montana Blade of Grass at a Time

The American Prairie Reserve (APR) is turning this overlooked share of wild, wind-tousled Great Plains into the largest nature reserve in the contiguous United States.