American Prairie Reserve

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Commercial ag optimistic about Gianforte administration

John Youngberg has a pretty short list of what he hopes the Department of Agriculture will focus on during Gov.-elect Greg Gianforte’s tenure: more support of large, commercial scale agriculture and less emphasis on crops sold locally on a folding table.

America’s answer to the Serengeti is spreading in Montana – The American Prairie Reserve is amazing.

Nowhere else in America, however, could host a prairie wildlife reserve of this scale.

Storing carbon in the prairie grass – Plans would pay landowners to keep the ecosystem in a natural state to fight climate change.

A pristine prairie can also be home to hundreds of types of plants. Poets and explorers wrote about the spectacular view above ground, but the real magic is what happens below the surface.

American Prairie Reserve Donates over 4,000 pounds of Bison Meat to the Montana Food Bank to fight hunger amidst COVID-19

“As a Montana organization, it’s important to us that we help fellow Montanans in need,” said Alison Fox, CEO of American Prairie Reserve.

Montana’s American Prairie Reserve Wildlife Restoration Manager and National Geographic Fellow Daniel Kinka Discusses Protecting the Places That Sustain Life on Earth

Interested in becoming a National Geographic Explorer? Apply for a grant. Learn more about our Last Wild Places initiative and our work in protected areas here.

Strauss Brands Inc. Partnering with Montana’s American Prairie Reserve

Wild Sky ranchers produce more than Montana beef—they also improve habitat for the wildlife on their ranches.

Video: Alison Fox and her team at the American Prairie Reserve in Montana are creating a uniquely American park for wildlife and people, the largest wildlife complex ever assembled in the continental United States.

The spirit of the Great Northern Plains of Montana is waiting for you.

American Prairie Reserve – Why Italians Are Growing Apples for Wild Bears

The American Prairie Reserve’s animals are as authentic as bison can get from a genetic standpoint. But officially, they are still not wild animals. “In the state of Montana,” Saboe points out, “bison are livestock.”

“Prairie Time” from the American Prairie Reserve

Nature has a wonderful way of providing a reprieve from the modern world, and so often it can teach us resiliency in the face of adversity.

Analysis: National Monuments Drive Economic Growth in American West

The creation of national monuments increases the average number of businesses and jobs locally and boosts business and job creation in neighboring areas.