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American Prairie Reserve

A shared sense of place on the American prairie in Montana – The American Prairie Reserve

“Anyone can love the mountains, but it takes a soul to love the prairie.” Willa Cather

Podcast – Steve “MeatEater” Rinella talks with Sean Gerrity, the founder of the American Prairie Reserve

Sean Gerrity’s top 3 ways hunters can help; and more.

Improve Montana’s Missouri River Country tourism through collaboration with the American Prairie Reserve

I take much comfort in knowing we are not alone in this work. Our neighbor, American Prairie Reserve (APR) is working hard to promote this region and have been busy building visitor infrastructure like campgrounds...

American Prairie Reserve deserves Montana’s support

I am reminded that when the creation of Glacier Park was proposed in the early 1900s, the Kalispell Chamber of Commerce opposed the idea because it would prevent coal mining. Today the Kalispell Chamber touts...

Montana Career Opportunities -Development Officer, Director of Philanthropy – American Prairie Reserve

Our mission is to create the largest nature reserve in the continental United States, a refuge for people and wildlife preserved forever as part of America’s heritage.

American Prairie Reserve is worth a return visit

Landscapes such as the ones we enjoyed for those several days are among the most endangered in the world and are increasingly sought after destinations for folks looking for new experiences and places to visit.

Where the buffalo roam, Montana cowboys dig in their heels -The American Prairie Reserve in Montana

“We’re trying to preserve an ecosystem and add to the diversity of the economy. We’re always going to be surrounded by a sea of agriculture. And we’re trying to be really good neighbors.”

Learning to love the Breaks: Montana’s toughest landscape lures visitors

American Prairie Reserve (APR) has been raising the profile of vacation opportunities in the Missouri Breaks region with a growing network of developed campgrounds, rentable yurts and interpretative displays. They join an existing community...

The Horse Family and The American Prairie Reserve

The ranch runs cattle between the base of the Judith Mountains and a lease on the well-known PN Ranch, now part of the American Prairie Reserve

American Prairie Reserve aims to create the largest nature reserve in the lower 48

American Prairie Reserve is a freestanding Montana-based nonprofit that started to assemble land in 2004. Our main focus is to purchase and permanently hold title to private lands that glue together a vast mosaic of...

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