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American Prairie Reserve

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No more neglect: Mongolia says rangelands are a global priority

The UN resolution aims to elevate awareness, earmark funding and increase collaborative action to improve the protection and restoration of rangelands.

Two Views on House Joint Resolution 28 – Joint resolution requesting denial of American prairie reserve grazing permit

“As to the question of being good business, the state should want for-profit business any day over a non-profit” Mark Robbins is a Missouri Breaks rancher from Roy. 

The American Prairie Reserve is Good for Montana “The Montana Legislature should reject HJR28” Former Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer

The American Prairie Reserve bison plan is good for the land, good for the community and great for Montana. The Montana Legislature should stand with science and freedom and against big government central planning socialism...

American Prairie Reserve: Resolution is violation of private property rights

The prospect of using the force of the Montana Legislature to attack a private business engaged in lawful activity should give serious pause.

Welcome to the American Prairie Reserve in Montana

My name is Andy Boyce, and I’m a conservation ecologist with the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute. I live on the American Prairie Reserve in Phillips County, Montana — 65 miles on gravel and mud roads...

BLM takes next step in analyzing American Prairie Reserve’s bison grazing requests

We look forward to continuing this discussion with BLM & local communities in a neighborly fashion as the process moves forward.

A shared sense of place on the American prairie in Montana – The American Prairie Reserve

“Anyone can love the mountains, but it takes a soul to love the prairie.” Willa Cather

Podcast – Steve “MeatEater” Rinella talks with Sean Gerrity, the founder of the American Prairie Reserve

Sean Gerrity’s top 3 ways hunters can help; and more.

Improve Montana’s Missouri River Country tourism through collaboration with the American Prairie Reserve

I take much comfort in knowing we are not alone in this work. Our neighbor, American Prairie Reserve (APR) is working hard to promote this region and have been busy building visitor infrastructure like campgrounds...

American Prairie Reserve deserves Montana’s support

I am reminded that when the creation of Glacier Park was proposed in the early 1900s, the Kalispell Chamber of Commerce opposed the idea because it would prevent coal mining. Today the Kalispell Chamber touts...

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