American Prairie Reserve

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“Prairie Time” from the American Prairie Reserve

Nature has a wonderful way of providing a reprieve from the modern world, and so often it can teach us resiliency in the face of adversity.

Analysis: National Monuments Drive Economic Growth in American West

The creation of national monuments increases the average number of businesses and jobs locally and boosts business and job creation in neighboring areas.

Montana Career Opportunities – Coordinator of Reserve Operations, Bison Specialist, Senior Outreach Manager Maintenance Manager – American Prairie Reserve

Today, American Prairie Reserve is a freestanding Montana-based nonprofit that started to assemble land in 2004. Our main focus is to purchase and permanently hold title to private lands that glue together a vast mosaic…

Preparing for a visit to Montana’s American Prairie Reserve

As you begin planning your spring and summer recreation excursions, American Prairie Reserve invites you to add Montana’s prairie grasslands to your family’s bucket list.

Montana’s Great Prairie Experiment

“With the politics today, it’s so easy to slip into negativity,” Dale said. “All this helps me stay positive, and I think it’s everybody’s dream to leave the land a little better than they found it.”

Building an American Serengeti in Montana

His guests were thrilled. The prairie was alive. “That’s all it takes right there to start a business,” Barthelmess says matter-of-factly.

Video – Last Wild Places: American Prairie Reserve in Montana

The American Prairie Reserve is assembling land in northern Montana, with the goal of creating a seamless 3.5 million acre grassland habitat. When they reintroduce bison to the landscape, both the ecosystem and local people benefit.  

Two visions collide amid push to restore Montana’s plains

“Species are blinking out,” he says. “Habitat is going away. There’s a really short period, maybe 20 to 30 years, to do some really big stuff, and then the opportunity is going to be gone. We’re swinging for the fences here.”

This is American Prairie Reserve in Montana – Excellent Videos

Join us in protecting this remarkable ecosystem.

The American Prairie Reserve’s ‘Sentinel’ Magazine – Ken Burns American Heritage Prize to be awarded to Wynton Marsalis

American Prairie Reserve is creating the largest nature reserve in the continental United States.