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Stress and the High School Student

The film is hitting a nerve among parents across the country who are worried about the levels of stress that their children are experiencing, beginning even in elementary school. What can schools — and parents — do to turn down the heat?

Personalities of the Year – The kids of "Waiting for ‘Superman"

"If your blood is not boiling by the end of this film, then there is no blood pumping through your heart." Los Angeles mayor Antonio Villaraigosa

Adults blame parents for education problems

An Associated Press-Stanford University Poll on education found that 68 percent of adults believe parents deserve heavy blame for what’s wrong with the U.S. education system _ more than teachers, school administrators, the government or teachers unions.

What Works in the Classroom? Ask the Students

How useful are the views of public school students about their teachers?

Silicon Valley startup school sees tech as a key to success

What drew me to it is that it is a bold experiment and it becomes clearer every day that if we are going to save public education in the United States, we need to embrace bold experiments.

Teachers: What we need to do to fix schools

Few things in our world are helped by looking through an either/or lens. Reality, in my experience at least, is far too ambiguous to be seen as all one color or another. Unfortunately, many "school reformers"–often with little teacher consultation–come across as having just that sort of view, offering a short, simplistic list of "answers" (merit pay, charter schools, ending tenure, standardized testing) to the challenges facing our schools.

How to spur more technology use in the classroom

Education leaders suggest ways for others to integrate educational technology into the curriculum

Parents Embrace Documentary on Pressures of School – "Race to Nowhere"

With no advertising and little news media attention, "Race to Nowhere" has become a must-see movie in communities where the kindergarten-to-Harvard steeplechase is most competitive.

Cheating Themselves Out of an Education: Assignments that Promote Higher-Order Thinking and Honesty in the Middle Grades

"What happens to students during the middle school years?"

Our Commitment to Learning in the 21st Century – Think Globally Act Locally

We are committed to changing
our programs so that our students can move on from their K-12 education confident that they are
well prepared to prosper in post-secondary education, on the job, and in life.