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"Students First" A movement to transform public education

Our mission is to build a national movement to defend the interests of children in public education and pursue transformative reform, so that America has the best education system in the world.

Business/Education/Non-profit Partnership with High School Students to Produce Medical Device Prototypes

A goal of the partnership is to provide Intermountain’s physicians and nurses with an avenue to support the development of ideas that lead to improved patient care. The partnership provides other benefits, including:

Missoula education officials applaud relevant parts of "Waiting For Superman" Movie

How do we make our failing schools good, and our good schools great?

New Guidelines Make Teacher Tenure Less Automatic in New York City

The goal, education officials said, is to change the longstanding culture in which tenure is virtually automatic, a default next step after a teacher’s first three years on the job.

Building a Grad Nation – Progress and Challenge in Ending the High School Dropout Epidemic

Just as Secretary of State George C. Marshall launched a plan to rebuild Europe after World War II, we must rebuild our broken school system.

"How the World’s Most Improved School Systems Keep Getting Better"

How does a school system with poor performance become good? And how does one with good performance become excellent?

Missoula Education Leaders View And Discuss ‘Waiting For Superman’, 12/13, Missoula, Montana

"We want to hash this thing out, and we need help to do it," said Dave Chrismon, executive director of the Missoula Education Foundation. "You can’t do that behind closed doors – so we want to get that dialogue started as best we can, a civil dialogue that can set the tone."

Ryan Hurley turned his classroom into a paperless learning community using a wide variety of free online resources.

His students use writeboard.com to discuss literature and share ideas and books.google.com to access libraries full of free, public-access digital documents and literature.

What U.S. schools can learn from abroad

After mediocre ratings, experts say the U.S. must look to Asia and re-structure its education investments

What international test scores really tell us: Lessons buried in PISA report

Federal and state policymakers continue to embrace reforms that have little positive effect (if not downright negative effects) while ignoring reforms that make a difference. Buried within the PISA report is an analysis of educational systems that registered high test scores. Here are some of the less-reported findings:·