2021 Montana Legislature and Politics

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Rural hospitals, beyond the rhetoric

Protecting rural hospitals was a mainstay of campaign messaging in 2020. But what specific challenges has Montana’s frontier health community faced, how have they kept the lights on, and what could legislators do to help — or hurt — in 2021?

The Daily Montanan Launching Jan. 5

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American exceptionalism in electricity generation in Montana

In Montana over the next 40 years, energy conservation will dominate in new construction and existing shelter.

Water Use and Land Use Are Deeply Intertwined

It’s time to recognize the interconnectedness of land use planning, water policy, and sustainability initiatives.

New on TED.com – Why lakes and rivers should have the same rights as humans

Why granting lakes and rivers legal “personhood” — giving them the same legal rights as humans — is the first step to protecting our bodies of water and fundamentally transforming how we value this vital resource.

Latest population estimate favors Montana for second House seat

Tuesday’s estimate from the Census Bureau is not the part of the 2020 Census in which the goal is to survey every household.

Opinion: Montana’s hunters, anglers must watch new state administration closely

The danger of commercialization and privatization is a shift away from the average hunter and angler toward hunting and angling for certain segments of the society only. For example, officials may decide to grant hunting licenses to landowners to use how they please, including selling them to the highest bidder.

Film companies help Butte economy

Montana has become an incentive location for filmmakers after the 2019 MEDIA Act was passed, providing a State Tax Credit up to 35% of the base investment. However, while the film sets are saving money in the long run, local services are seeing immediate benefits after a short-lived tourism season.

Please sign the petition – Stop the Spread of COVID-19 by the Montana Legislature

This petition will let elected representatives in the state know that they are welcome in our community as long as they follow all local public health guidelines.

‘Leadership is coming from the cities:’ Bozeman among local governments leading push for clean energy in Montana

“I definitely think that three of the major cities plus the county of Missoula represents a sizable share of NorthWestern Energy’s customers and so I think that amplifies our influence,” Judge said. “I think that the utility has been clear that they’re open to hearing what their customers want to see.”