2021 Montana Legislature and Politics

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Levy’s failure disappointing for Bozeman officials, but not the end of road for affordable housing efforts – Billings voters back $7.1 million for public safety

By a margin of just 276 votes, the housing mill levy, which would have generated $9.5 million over the next 10 years, failed to pass, while voters overwhelmingly supported the city’s other two ballot questions, approving a $6.7 million bond to relocate a fire station and a $2.2 million bond for repairs to three recreation facilities.

Montana redistricting commission shrinks pool of congressional maps to two

Those two maps cleave the state into two districts with a line running through two of the fastest growing population centers in the state: Flathead and Gallatin counties.

Missoula health board to test state law, order quarantine for unvaccinated close contacts

Admitting the decision could prompt a lawsuit, the board agreed that science was key to protecting public health and “doing the right thing” was fundamental to their role as health representatives.

Commission seeks suggestions from you for new Montana U.S. House district maps

Free online tools mean Montanans can draw their own political maps and submit them for consideration.

How will Montana spend big pot of federal child-care money?

$112 million available for next two years

Gov. Gianforte Announces Application Scores for Water and Sewer Investments in Montana’s Communities

“Montana is helping lead the nation in investing federal funds toward critical water and sewer upgrades,” Governor Gianforte said. “I look forward to seeing as many projects as possible recommended for funding to serve our communities in greatest need.”

Let’s promote all broadband technologies to speed help to all Americans

Fixed wireless offers competitive option for rural, underserved consumers

Montana families continue to face a preschool desert

“I’m not talking about the opportunity for us to spend money for cute little boys and girls to sit criss-cross applesauce and read Dr. Suess books,” O’Brien said. “I’m talking about brain development so that our children are ready to learn and ready to work.”

The FCC finally made a new broadband map of the US

It’s based on information provided by the four major carriers

Making the case for public pre-K in Montana

Despite pilot programs highlighting the benefits of early education in recent years, Montana families continue to face a preschool desert

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