2021 Montana Legislature and Politics

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It’s the pits: Residents, environmental advocates frustrated at new opencut mining law passed by 2021 Montana Legislature

Montana residents are still waking up to the full effects of more than 500 bills that passed into laws.

Montana adding red tape to those who need help with healthcare

During the last session of the Legislature, Montana Republicans pushed forward legislation that requires Montanans to continuously prove their eligibility for Medicaid– every few months, you must report your income to the state government, despite the fact that you already told them when you signed up for Medicaid and you’re already required to reapply every year like everyone else with insurance does. Montana Democrats fought against these new requirements, but the Republicans were dead set on adding additional superfluous red tape to one of the state’s largest and most critical insurers.

Code Girls United gets $50k to bring computer programming to Montana tribal communities

The grant was made possible through House Bill 219. Introduced by Rep. Jonathan Windy Boy, D-Box Elder, HB 219 provides training and incentives to students in Native communities for computer coding and programming courses.

The Financial Value of Montana’s Natural Beauty

One might go so far as to say that Montana’s economy hinges upon nature.

Governor Greg Gianforte talks Montana economy, COVID while marking 1st year in office

“Government doesn’t create jobs, entrepreneurs and small businesses do. In 2021, Montana was recognized as the #1 state to start a small business in. We’ll continue to foster an environment where businesses and hardworking Montanans can prosper.”

Montana film industry excited about growth but needs more buy-in from the state

While Montana has a portion of the necessary ingredients, more infrastructure, a higher tax credit, and more workers are needed to ensure the industry’s continued growth.

In the war for control of Montana’s universities between the Legislature and the Board of Regents, a lawsuit over guns is the first battle

In May, the Board of Regents, Montana University System’s ruling authority, sued the state, alleging HB 102 was an unconstitutional breach of power and that the Legislature overstepped its bounds.

Gov. Gianforte visits Missoula for the end of Montana’s Apprenticeship Week

For calendar year 2021, Gianforte set a goal to create 10,000 jobs meeting that criteria. Within the first six months there were more than 5,000 jobs paying over $50,000 a year created in the state, he said.

Montana Office of Public Instruction releases statewide student assessment info. The results aren’t great

Less than half of Montana high school juniors and students in third through eighth grade met subject proficiency standards last school year, according to new statewide assessment results.

Montana could lose $20 million in emergency rental funds next week

“We will lose that block of money unless we get permeability in that column,” Rep. Llew Jones, R-Conrad, the House Appropriations Committee chair added. “Montana simply does not have the need for $200 million in rent subsidy. While it’s a remarkable soundbyte, we can’t obligate money to somewhere where it’s not allowed to go.”