2020 Montana Politics

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We need to start modeling alternative futures

I’m politically independent, but I’m a pragmatist, and my greatest fear right now is that the Trump administration are nowists. They are not futurists.

Montana lawmakers meet to discuss process, COVID-19 money

At stake is $1.25 billion in federal funds

Rural America and the Senate’s Economic Stimulus Package

The multi-million dollar stimulus package contains crucial provisions for rural programs.

What a Coronavirus Recovery Could Look Like – We should set new goals

“We’re going to get a whole new generation of infrastructure because of this pandemic, and we have to do it better than last generation.”

Officials say Montana budget is in solid shape heading into pandemic

It’s unlikely that state government will run into an immediate budget crunch as it tries to contain the COVID-19 outbreak and respond to the virus’ economic impact.

Montana Podcast Episode 52 — Sen. Fred Thomas on deregulation, term limits, and three decades in the Capitol

While Thomas supported the 1992 constitutional initiative that led to legislative term limits — citizens may serve as a state representative or senator for no more than eight years in a 16-year period — he now sees term limits as limiting the experience available to the Legislature.

MT Lowdown Podcast – Democratic candidate for governor Whitney Williams

“Forty percent of Montanans say they choose between putting food on the table and filling a prescription,” Williams said. “Montanans are, I think, fed up with this idea that the federal government is going to solve this problem for us, because they’re not.”

Beware: Another fake news site distorts political coverage in Montana – Russian social accounts sow election discord – again

Readers are being fooled.

Billings Gazette opinion: LGBTQ? Not in our town… moving backwards for the second time.

If we’re not careful, Billings, the NDO isn’t going to stand for non-discrimination ordinance, it will stand for no damn opportunities.

Billings, Montana non-discrimination ordinance fails in 7-4 vote

“It’s in the telling of their stories. It’s in the shaking of their voices.”