2020 Montana Politics

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How the Surging Virus Has Crashed Into Campaigning in Every Imaginable Way (Missoula) – New York Times

Even for voters who are “dyed-in-the-wool ‘I want to go to the ballot booth’” people, as Geoff Badenoch, a poll worker in Missoula, Mont., describes them, this year will look different: with poll workers in masks, six-foot-separation lines on the floor and spray bottles of disinfectant all around.

City Club of Missoula Presents: Election 2020: What just happened? – 11/9 – 11:30AM on Zoom

Join us as we analyze the recent election: Who is in? Who is out? What might come next?

Has there been a staff exodus at OPI under Elsie Arntzen? Only OPI knows.

With allegations swirling in the race for superintendent of public instruction, public records requests for clarifying documents have been inexplicably delayed.

The Death and Life of Great American Newspapers – By Gwen Florio (Former Editor of the Missoulian)

Fewer and fewer reporters cover the local institutions whose decisions most directly affect their neighbors’ lives.

Montana election officials wrangle early ballot returns — and false rumors

Perhaps the most aggravating challenge of this election cycle, several election officials said, is the voter misinformation that staffers are forced to intercept and correct.

San Francisco Chronicle Editorial Board : Voter suppression already at work in 2020

The challenges to American democracy are just beginning.

COVID, courts and cold: Montana’s Indian Country faces challenges to get out the vote

Political organizations see time running out to corral every possible unreached or undecided voter. The search presents unique obstacles in Montana’s Indian Country.

‘My voice will still be heard’ – The 2020 Election

With less than two weeks from Election Day, the Missoulian asked voters what is driving them to the polls this year and not what they fear but what inspires them in 2020. You’ve heard from the candidates. Now hear from the voters.

Montana Public Radio 2020 Statewide Election Guide

Montana’s 2020 election interviews, Q&A, candidate profiles and debates

Montana Senator Jon Tester Takes Trump Administration and Senate Colleagues to Task for Playing Games with Amtrak’s Future with Cuts to Empire Builder Service

Senator: “Press releases don’t save the Empire Builder or the jobs or the economy that it creates”

Commerce Committee hearing included testimony from Havre economic development advocate Paul Tuss