2020 Montana Politics

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What Montana’s governor’s race means for reproductive health

Legislative Republicans have long tried to restrict abortion access. If a Republican takes the governor’s seat, they’re likely to get their wish.

Montanans Advised To Submit Primary Ballots In Person As Election Day Nears – Please VOTE!

“In elections, the more people who vote means the more accurate their wishes are.”

Montana’s candidates for Governor talk pre-k, education

“It really is about implementing that statewide public preschool program for our littlest learners, and it’s time we get that done. I believe that Montana’s Constitution tells us rightly so that everyone is entitled to a free, high-quality public education. We should start with our 4-year-olds. We’re one of only a handful of states that doesn’t prioritize our littlest learners.” Whitney Williams

What is Montana’s Public Service Commission Hiding?

It is a sad day when Montanans have to rely upon the press rather than its public servants to ensure government transparency

Why Have Women Leaders Excelled At Fighting The Coronavirus Crisis?

The leaders who have demonstrated to be the most decisive — and calm — have also been women.

Living to 100: How Will We Afford Our Longer Lives?

Many U.S. states including California, Washington, Massachusetts and Connecticut offer seniors the ability to defer all of their property taxes.

Exploring New Research on Pre-K Outcomes

This Policy Brief analyzes 15 research studies on the effectiveness of pre-K outcomes in programs across the country and finds evidence of sustaining effects beyond kindergarten.

Governor Bullock outlines state’s financial standing amid COVID-19

“The state is not in a position to have to make unnecessary, across-the-board cuts to essential services – ones that Montanans are relying on more than ever during this pandemic,” the Office of the Governor says.

Montana’s 2020 election – What you need to know as candidates compete for your vote

Montana Free Press has prepared this guide to help Montana voters

Montana’s Public Service Commission sues media organizations who asked for public information

Suing the public over information requests, rather than producing the information, has become a frequent government response.