2019 Montana Legislature and Politics

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2019 Montana Legislature: With pilot project success, Governor Bullock renews call for state-funded preschool

The governor’s proposal already has advocates among the session’s Democrats. Sen. Bryce Bennett, D-Missoula, said he strongly supports the proposal, arguing, “investing in kids at an early age ensures we give them every opportunity to succeed in this economy.”

What To Know Before The 2019 Montana Legislature Begins

Heading into the 2019 legislative session all sides are more-or-less in agreement about how much there is to spend, although they’re not likely to find so much common ground on how to spend it.

I read 1,182 emergency room bills this year. Here’s what I learned.

People go to the emergency room to get help, not to get robbed blind by hidden medical costs. The cost of medical treatment in this country is unacceptable.” Gov. Steve Bullock

Cash or debt, what and where: Montana Legislature set for infrastructure battle

A comprehensive infrastructure package has eluded Montana for years.

Gov. Bullock Confident In Reauthorization Of Medicaid, Says It Subsidizes Businesses

“We’ve always viewed this as, well we’re taking care of you know people in lower income, but it’s about time we actually start talking about what we’re doing is we’re subsidizing businesses that either can’t or won’t pay their employees enough to have healthcare.”

City of Missoula urges legislative delegation to fix “unfair” property tax system

The state’s current tax system is broken, elected officials believe, and property holders are bearing a heavy burden. Municipalities across the state are falling behind in their effort to maintain costly services.

2019 Montana Legislature primer

Fifty-one bills have already been introduced and a whopping 2836 bills are waiting in the wings to see if they pass legal muster, get drafted and make it to committee.