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2019 Montana Legislature and Politics

Lawmakers ask about enrollment, related issues, at Montana flagship universities

Enrollment at the flagships — the glut at Montana State University and deficiency at the University of Montana — was among the topics lawmakers raised Tuesday in a budget discussion at the Montana Legislature.

Montana county’s financial problems inspire accountability bill

Bill is aimed at keeping counties from falling into financial trouble, and providing a way to investigate and hold officials accountable.

Montana lawmakers adopt significant changes to House rules

The Montana House of Representatives passed a major reform of its rules Thursday after unifying Republicans and gaining significant Democratic support.

Don’t Let the Sun Set on Economic Development in Montana

MEDA is hosting a display event and lunch on January 23rd, in the Rotunda, at the Montana State Capitol for legislators.

Gov. Bullock Says Medicaid Expansion Good For Montana Businesses

“I think that it’s time that we finally fully recognize that the value of Medicaid expansion is as much for Montana businesses as it is for the Montanans receiving healthcare.”

Hi-Line Lawmakers Discuss Ambitions For 2019

Lawmakers favor legislation ranging from an increase in aid to education to laws that would make it easier for cities such as Havre to create a vacant properties register.

On The First Day Of The 2019 Montana Legislative Session, House Republicans Make Temporary Peace Over Rules

The temporary rules also tweak the number of votes needed to push bills out of committee and onto the House floor for debate.

Rules Debate Outcome Could Shift Montana Legislature’s Balance Of Power

Those mostly moderate members of the GOP want to make it easier for lawmakers to pull legislation out of committees and onto the House floor for votes by the whole House. That would strip party...

Outlook 2019: Montana Governor Bullock Lays Out Priorities for Coming Session

Democratic governor says Medicaid expansion, preschool and infrastructure rank high on his wish list

HBO Documentary ‘Bleed Out’ – How getting sick can bleed you dry financially.

After a routine operation leaves the mother of filmmaker and comedian Steve Burrows in a coma with permanent brain damage, what starts as a personal video diary becomes a citizen’s investigation into the state of...

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