2018 Montana Politics

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Bozeman sets stage for another sales tax push

With roughly five months before lawmakers meet in Helena, Bozeman leaders are once again building arguments to sway legislators to let Montana cities create a sales tax to collect money from out-of-state visitors.

State legislators consider bills restricting Montana tax increment financing districts

Republican Rep. Adam Hertz of Missoula said there are widespread issues of abuse in TIF districts statewide and the districts are "at this point, a disaster."

Senate candidate Matt Rosendale shuffles cash to keep excess donations

Campaign records show Republican U.S. Senate candidate Matt Rosendale used excess donations from deep-pocketed GOP donors this spring to pay himself back for personal loans from his failed 2014 congressional run.

Judge orders Montana Green Party removed from November ballot

Helena District Court Judge James Reynolds on Monday signed an order directing the Secretary of State to take the Montana Green Party off the ballot after he invalidated signatures gathered through a petition process.

Gov. Steve Bullock – "Tell Legislators: No Special Session"

I ask that you join me in voicing to your legislators your opposition to Republicans’ attempt to waste Montanans’ taxpayer dollars to drown out the voices of Montanans.

It will take a Data-Driven Approach to Win Rural America

More than one-third of rural residents in 21 states still don’t have access to fast downloads, inhibiting economic development in sparsely populated areas, according to FCC data cited in the report.

Voters say "no" to Creston, Montana bottling plant

Expanding the district means the bottling plant will not be able to operate on the land it is slated for.

Montana Board of Regents ask state to help students pay for rising costs

To run state campuses, the spending plans total more than $524 million and $528 million in fiscal years 2020 and 2021. Nearly 60 percent of the money comes from students, and 41 percent from the state.

Montana Board of Regents prepare for lean legislative session in 2019

Montana is at or near the bottom in the nation when it comes to support based on need. Montana Commissioner of Higher Education Clayton Christian

How Women Can Win Their Races This Year

Gender equity advocates are excited about the prospect of a record number of women running for office. But Erin Vilardi, founder of VoteRunLead, says running isn’t good enough.