Workshop Announcement and Link to Rocky Mountain Trade Corridor Activities

Here are some examples of RMTC’s successes. Many are related to the popular
workshops we do at the U.S /Canadian border twice a year. The next workshop
is March 19 & 20th.

From: Richard Krott

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Rocky Mountain Trade Corridor Member Successes

Many RMTC members have seen direct successes in their business as a result
of our work.

Many companies tell us they have gained many benefits that may not have
resulted in immediate business transactions, but they say the knowledge they
have gained has been a tremendous benefit to their overall business
operations and has saved them much time an money.

A list of a few successes resulting from RMTC ‘s work:

1. Komex International Ltd. From Alberta and Bison Engineering Inc. from
Helena Montana have created a teaming agreement and are now working on
projects all over the world from full-time offices in Calgary and Edmonton,
Alberta, California, Helena and Billings, Montana and in the United Kingdom.

2. Industrial Automation Consulting from Three Forks Montana and Trimark
Engineering Ltd. From Alberta have complementary services and have joint
ventured on pursuing several projects in North America. They have also
produced a joint marketing program and continue to jointly market their
services worldwide.

3. A U.S. Rocky Mountain Region law firm was introduced to several clients
in Canada. As a result they have created a cooperative agreement with
Canadian law firms benefiting clients on both sides of the border.

4. Several of Montana’s customs broker firms have gained new clients as a
result of RMTC’s work.

5. The RMTC has been working with the Calgary Airport Authority and private
airline companies in order to establish a Montana/Alberta airline service.
Just recently, a Canadian carrier started a limited scheduled service
between Calgary, Alberta and Kalispell, Montana. RMTC is continuing to
support the efforts of many to add additional service.

6. We have received several reports of ongoing negotiations between at least
four RMTC member companies who first met at our 2002 conference. Indications
are strong that some business transactions and possibly some cooperative
partnerships may result.

7. A contract was signed in November 2002 between a Jefferson County Montana
business and a publishing company from Saskatchewan. The Montana company is
now stocking and distributing educational publications to schools and
teachers throughout the U.S.

U.S./Canadian Cross Border Issues:

The mission of the RMTC is two-fold. One is to assist businesses in
expanding their markets in the three NAFTA countries and the second is to
educate the public on the benefits of trade between them.

At times, some contentious cross-border issues arise. Many are fueled by
lack of understanding of international trade laws and regulations but many
derive from simply lack of accurate facts and/or, an outright protectionist
attitude. The RMTC has successfully been able to change the attitudes of
some by simply showing and proving to people some basic facts that are
supported by both countries where an issue is at hand.

The bottom line on trade between Canada and the U.S. is that two-way trade
of goods and services has grown more than threefold in the past ten years
and that it has greatly benefited both countries. Unlike trade with any
other countries we trade with, the balance of trade between Canada and the
U.S. is "virtually in balance", varying only a fraction of a percent to a
couple of percent a year and the majority of that is in oil and gas.

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Richard Krott 1-406-933-5258
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Executive Director

Belva Lotzer 1-406-933-5258
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Canadian Development Director

Ward Shanahan 1-406-442-8560 [email protected]
RMTC Board Chairman
Gough Shanahan Johnson & Waterman Law Frim, Helena, MT

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