USDA Launches Online Grocery for state programs as school lunches and emergency food assistance.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has completed the nationwide launch of an online grocery store for such state programs as school lunches and emergency food assistance.

Contact: Erin Lee
Homeland Security and Technology NGA Center for Best Practices

The Electronic Commodity Ordering System allows state officials to order nonperishable foods online, replacing a paper-based or electronic data interchange system.

With the system, the USDA can obtain a clear understanding, for example, of each school district’s needs and which commodities are in demand. Simultaneously, the school districts can move from ordering in bulk—common with a slower paper-driven system—to ordering just in time, based on need. The ordering system allows state officials to access ordering records, save grocery lists, and keep stock of what they have ordered.

The system was piloted in California, Connecticut, Illinois and Virginia, and launched nationwide in mid-March. It now serves 76 state agencies and about 1,000 users. EDS is the prime integrator for the system.
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