Transportation: From plugs to communications, Missoula planners eye electric future- (But are they thinking far enough ahead?)

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When Sen. Jon Tester was in Missoula this month to promote his pending infrastructure bill, he mentioned the nation’s dated power grid and a future it may not be ready to handle.

“We’re going to be shifting to electric cars,” Tester said. “It’s the way it’s going to be. We have to have a grid that’s going to support charging stations.”


By Martin Kidston


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Pavement that charges electric vehicles being developed in Indiana

Electric vehicles could soon charge while driving on certain parts of the highway.

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Launching later this year in Las Vegas, Halo’s electric vehicles get steered by a distant driver until you hop behind the wheel.

It’s Time for Economic Developers to Focus on Transportation

Regions with an efficient transportation network stand a better chance of boosting productivity through shorter commutes.

Moving autonomous vehicles from R&D to mass production is closer than you think

“The technology is moving from experience-level to application,” Peng says. “The first half of the game is to build stable and mature products and accumulate experience. The second half is to move from R&D to mass production and scale, in addition to achieving commercially viable products.”

Much more about the future of transportation and the end of “Carcatecture”

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  1. Russ Fletcher on July 19, 2021 at 4:40 pm

    Councilman Hess,

    I thank you for highlighting the future of transportation and the end of “Carcatecture” in Missoula but I hope you’ll consider some of the elements that are becoming more relevant and should be anticipated. I’ve added a few stories that I’ve gathered recently to the post in the Current.

    I frankly don’t think many of us will own cars within a very few years because it will be too expensive. I, and many people much smarter and with greater resources, believe that subscribing to an autonomous on-call vehicle service will become the norm. We will see a huge change in the infrastructure that we currently dedicate to individual vehicles. How can we anticipate turning many of our unnecessary garages into dwellings? We have seen a huge increase in online shopping which will be expanded by robotic delivery vehicles including airborne. We’ll take trips mostly for pleasure and not errands. Business meetings can now be accomplished via Zoom instead of everyone driving to a location. Business that currently support vehicles will see a major change in their customer base, if they even have one. New careers are being developed every day to accommodate a much different world. Missoula, as Wayne Gretsky would say, needs to go to where the puck will be not where it is now.

    Thank you,

    Russ Fletcher

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