The May MEDA News


Dear MEDA Members and Partners,

The May MEDA News is now available for your review.  As you will see from the calendar and news, May and June are very busy months.

MEDA’s Two Upcoming Meetings:

First, join us on May 12:  One Hour Virtual Membership Meeting.  Director of Montana Department of Commerce, Scott Osterman, will be MEDA’s  guest speaker and share an update on activities within MDOC.  May 12th at 10am.  Get your Zoom Link today!

In addition to hearing from Director Osterman, you will vote for board members, and officers, hear committee and working group updates, legislative outcomes, plus help us plan the MEDA Summer Conference.

Second, join us in person or via Zoom for the MEDA Summer Conference




It’s time; let’s do this.  It is time to identify priorities and build strategies based on the Montana Next Generation of Community and Economic Development Tools study.   Whether attending in person in Helena or via Zoom, roll up your sleeves and prepare for work.   It’s time!



Thanks for being a part of MEDA!



Gloria O’Rourke

118 E.Seventh St; Suite 3F

Anaconda, MT   59711

406.563.5259 – Join today!

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