The California Challenge for Innovation Brings Global Entrepreneurs to the U.S.

In August 2005 the "California Challenge" will select the worlds most innovative projects amongst leading global entrepreneurs and invite them to participate in the California economy. The California Challenge is a unique awards event and conference focused on accelerating the use of information technology innovations for the economic benefit of citizens, businesses and cities to improve their quality of life.

"California– a leader in entrepreneurship and innovation and the sixth largest economy in the world — is challenging innovators from around the world to participate in a global contest to advance the best and the brightest information technology solutions in the California Challenge," said Jim Cushing, the chairman of Next Generation Cities and a successful California entrepreneur. "The California Challenge will provide its entrants direct access into the California economy, its employers and venture funds."

Backed by business, technology and academic leaders throughout the state, the California Challenge will hold its inaugural three-day conference and awards ceremony at Stanford University August 17-21, 2005, capping a nearly year-long vetting of the best and brightest information technology solutions in seven sectors:

* Education and Knowledge Transfer
* Environment and Ecology
* Health and Nutrition
* Local Commerce and E-Business
* Security and Emergency Services
* Smart Cities and e-Government
* Tourism, Entertainment and Culture

"I believe the California Challenge will not only benefit the citizens, businesses, and indeed many other organizations and cities across the state of California," said Alfonso Molina, professor of technology strategy at the University of Edinburgh and chairman of the international juries of the Stockholm Challenge Award and Rome’s Global Junior Challenge. "It will offer a major platform for sharing experiences, mobilizing energies, celebrating success and, above all, help government, the private sector and citizens to learn and build together the future."

Starting next month, contestants can register and submit their entries online .

The California Challenge is a (501 c3)- Not For Profit Corporation and is currently assembling an international panel of judges. All judges and finalists from the various categories will be invited to attend the conference and awards event. The actual event will be supported by California companies and will showcase their products and services. All others attending will be by invitation only.

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