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Today’s TED Talk – The next global agricultural revolution

Meat production is destroying the planet and jeopardizing our health, but people aren’t going to eat less meat unless we give them alternatives that cost the same (or less) and that taste the same (or...

A New Study of 474,919 People Says the Secret to a Longer Life Lies in Something You’ve Never Thought About

I’d certainly never thought this one simple thing might be an indicator.

The Idaho Economic Development Association

Taken as a whole, our membership provides a broad depth of knowledge and experience to communities, businesses, and organizations across the state and regionally.  

8 Montana Communities Invited to Apply for Housing Tax Credits

More than $31 million will be awarded in October

Livability Great Falls, Montana – Reservations Closing Soon

The Great Falls Development Authority is committed to promoting our community to attract new residents and visitors as well as investment and jobs.

We Are Applauding the ‘Gift’ of an Affordable Education. Something Has Gone Wrong.

The Morehouse College class of 2019 will walk into adult life unburdened by student debt. What about everyone else?

What’s next for “BaseCamp” in Great Falls?

Young professional leaders gathered in the Electric City to talk about what makes Great Falls even more fun for everyone in our town.

Missoula, Montana Included In The Inc. 10 Best Small Cities for Entrepreneurs.

Missoula is a true community, rich with character and culture. It is a great place to raise a family, a peaceful place to retire and an epic place to play.

Big Sky Finance Borrowers are Winners!

On May 2, 2019, the Montana Small Business Awards celebration was held in Great Falls at the Meadowlark Country Club.

Google’s AI for lung cancer diagnosis proves more accurate than radiologists in early trial

We are starting to see how the technology could one day lead to far better patient outcomes.

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