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The Future of AI Will Be About Less Data, Not More

This general reasoning ability will enable AI to be more broadly applied than ever, creating opportunities for early adopters even in businesses and activities to which it previously seemed unsuited.

Families earning $117,000 now qualify as “low income” in California’s Bay Area

The home, complete with leaks in the roof, sold for $1.23 million. The buyer beat out six competing offers, all above the asking price.

Kalispell Core & Rail Redevelopment

The Plan includes housing options suited to people of all income levels and stages of life. All of this designed to make the Kalispell Core a place for people and business alike to flourish.

Senator Tester Moves to Protect Montana Small Businesses From Online Sales Tax

“Montanans have spoken, time and time again, against a sales tax,” Tester said. “This bill cuts red tape and makes sure Montana’s small businesses won’t suffer because of sales taxes in other states.”

New 3D Printer Prints 100 Times Faster Than Standard Printers

Using 2 lasers and a vat of resin, new 3D printer offers 100 times faster printing than current printers.

Montana World Affairs Council Bringing news of the world to Montana and Montana news to the world

We are so excited to host a Benefit Concert – the Mission Mountain Wood Band Reunion Concert at The Wilma on Sunday, March 3rd.

Montana Small Business Development Centers Celebrate 30 Years

“Nearly all businesses in Montana are small businesses, so it’s critical to have access to qualified support that can assist them with their needs,” said SBDC State Director Chad Moore.

Study: 12 million nonresident visitors spent $3.7 billion in Montana in 2018

“Visitor spending during 2018 supported an estimated 42,700 jobs directly and over 58,000 jobs in total,” the study notes. “Associated with those jobs is over $1.1 billion of labor income directly supported by nonresident spending.”

Supreme Court keeps Montana’s limits on campaign contributions in place

The Supreme Court rejected a challenge Monday to Montana’s base campaign contribution limits, which the Ninth Circuit upheld over a year ago.

China’s Waymo rival quietly launched an Uber-style app for driverless cars, making it one of the first to do so, one of China’s most valuable driverless car start-ups, has launched an app that allows users to hail an autonomous taxi.

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