Montana 2020 Census Newsletter – Census Story of the Week

Montana Census

Updates to CENSUS.MT.GOV have been made this week and the site has additional information and resources for partners to use and distribute. Eleven new fact sheets and flyers were added in the “Resources” section. They include flyers geared towards complete count committees, group housing, military, college students, rural healthcare, children, and security. Additional flyers will continue to be added on a regular basis in the following weeks.

New Census maps were added in the “Information” tab. The Montana Hard to Count Census Tracts Map now has an interactive layer added where users can see low response score areas that also have a high percentage of no internet access. This map will help partners better be able to strategize about how to reach this population and gain a complete count for the state. A Redistricting Map has also been added which shows delineated voting districts and suggest Census block boundaries. Updates have also been made to the Complete Count Committee Map to show the latest CCC’s and contacts.

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