Missoula Co. asks residents to reduce social circles

Vaccine Card

Not only is the Delta variant more infectious than the original strain of COVID-19, the health department’s case investigation team has noticed most positive cases are reporting between 10 and 25 close contacts on average. During our last winter surge of COVID-19, most positive cases only reported six close contacts on average.

The contact tracing team is racing to notify close contacts as quickly as possible, but with roughly 60 new cases per day on average in Missoula County, our backlog of close contacts who need to be notified is growing quickly.

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In Montana, medical professionals say a new law preventing them from requiring vaccinations for employees is making things even worse.

Many hospitals across the country require employees get the COVID shot, but that’s not an option in Montana.

The Cost Of Being Unvaccinated Just Went Up — Most Insurers Are Passing Costs Back To Patients As Covid Hospitalizations Soar

With highly effective coronavirus vaccines available and hospital admissions soaring, many Covid-19 patients are facing bigger bills as most insurance companies have ended waivers on out-of-pocket costs that they introduced earlier in the pandemic, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation, a cost that will be primarily borne by the unvaccinated people more likely to require hospital treatment.

Survey shows almost half of Montana employees think showing vaccine status should be mandatory

Use the map below to discover the % who think employees should be required to disclose their Covid vaccine status to their employers.

Does HIPAA prohibit questions about vaccination?

If a friend, a relative, or a perfect stranger asks you about your vaccination history, or any other question about your health, you may consider it rude, nosy, or inappropriate. But it’s not illegal. And if you choose not to answer, don’t blame HIPAA.

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