Missoula City Club draws interest for next luncheon this Friday 12/17

At its first meeting over lunch in October, City Club Missoula drew a crowd.

Its second meeting drew an even bigger crowd.

"We’re already growing," Barbara Koostra of the City Club steering committee told the November group of 68 gathered at the Holiday Inn Parkside. "And we’re still prenatal."

Its first meetings have been preliminary. City Club’s formal join-up meeting will be its February gathering. But committees are already forming, and the club’s third meeting will be held Friday in the Florence Building.

City Club Missoula is meant to be a forum for civilized discourse about issues and the future of the city, said Russ Fletcher of the steering committee – a sort of intellectual calving ground for ideas and their development.

"It builds community cohesiveness and collaboration," he said. "It builds new relationships."

Much of it goes back to that old word "citizenship."


Friday, 12/17/04

11:30 to 1:00

Governor’s Room, Florence Building, 111 N. Higgins Ave., Missoula

Contact: RSVP to Tom Bensen at [email protected]

Our speaker for the meeting will be Dan Kemmis speaking on:

How Can the City Club Help us be Better Citizens?

One of Missoula’s greatest strengths is that so many Missoulians practice various forms of active and effective citizenship. Former Mayor Daniel Kemmis will describe how he has seen that citizenship make a difference, and raise some questions for discussion about how the City Club can help us be even more effective citizens of Missoula."


By GINNY MERRIAM of the Missoulian

For the full story and information about the upcoming luncheon:

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