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American bison were pushed to the brink of extinction in the late 1800’s, and with them, an entire Indigenous culture was nearly destroyed. Now, the Aaniih and Nakoda people in Montana are reconnecting their youth to a culture that many thought to be lost. In their efforts, they bring hope, healing, and unity to a new generation.

In This Together, We Are One: The Buffalo Unity Project


The Buffalo Unity Project is a program created by Poplar Middle School on the Assiniboine & Sioux Tribes of the Fort Peck Indian Reservation in Montana. The goal is to connect students to the importance of the buffalo to the Aaniih and Nakoda people, and to teach them that communities thrive when they are united in common purpose.

Written and filmed by the students of Poplar Middle School, this film was produced in collaboration with MAPS Media Institute. We taught students how to record sound and operate camera and lights for one week in the Spring of 2019. We then worked with Poplar to edit and finish the film.

This film was made possible by the Poplar School District and the generous support of the Greater Montana Foundation.

Thanks to @Daniel TC Molloy, Michael Workman, and Tahj Kjelland for being amazing instructors for this project!

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