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Guy Kawasaki
When I started working at Apple in 1983 I was afraid of public speaking—for one thing, working for the division run by Steve Jobs was intimidating: “How could I possibly measure up to Steve?” But you must learn how to make presentations and speeches if you want to achieve success, raise money, and “dent the universe.”

It took me twenty years to get comfortable with public speaking, and this podcast explains what I’ve learned so that it doesn’t take you twenty years too. I am not content that you merely survive speeches. I want you to enjoy them and even get a standing ovation from time to time.

So in this episode of Remarkable People, I’m trying a new format: there isn’t a guest. It’s just me giving you a mini-keynote called How to be a Remarkable Speaker. It’s your sure-fire, short-cut to becoming a kick-ass speaker.

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