Downtown Bozeman Improvement Plan May 2019

Bozeman, Montana

The 2019 Downtown Bozeman Improvement Plan (the DBIP) builds on Bozeman’s planning history and recent energy. A successful downtown contains a diverse mix of uses, encourages interaction, and creates unique experiences that cannot be duplicated. It brings people together, sparking the spontaneity and play that creates a great community.


Downtown Bozeman is just that place – here’s a plan to keep it that way and nurture it forward. Downtown’s success is tied to its strong sense of place, which has been strengthened in recent years by a healthy economy, a careful balance of tourism with local livability, and a clear framework for investment laid out in the 2009 Downtown Improvement Plan.


Yet, as Bozeman grows, Downtown cannot be content with today’s successes; evolution is necessary for long-term resilience. Challenges do exist, particularly around keeping Downtown’s local identity intact, balancing growth sensitively, and welcoming more transportation modes and residents. This plan has been shaped by many people in the Bozeman community who worked hard to create an inspired vision for the next decade.


Full Plan

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