Biotech company, Corixa Corp. looking for money to expand Hamilton operation

Executives from Seattle-based Corixa Corp. asked Schweitzer administration officials Tuesday for help in financing a possible $46 million expansion of its biotechnology operation in Hamilton.

Gary Christianson, vice president for technical operations and manager of the plant, said no decision has yet been made on whether to proceed with the project, but that increased demand for its products may require a larger operation.

Greg Cox, company treasurer, said Corixa is looking for low-cost financing for the entire cost of the new facility.

Gov. Brian Schweitzer offered enthusiastic support for the project.

"You tell us what you need," he said. If another state offers the company an inviting incentive to locate the new plant there, Schweitzer vowed to match the deal. "How much, when and what are acceptable terms?

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Corixa searches for funding to expand
by JENNY JOHNSON – Ravalli Republic

Corixa Corp. this week asked Gov. Brian Schweitzer for help in securing financing for a major expansion at its Hamilton plant.

Officials in Helena brainstormed Tuesday ways to help the Seattle-based biotech company expand its Hamilton facility, a move that would create an estimated 150 jobs. Manager of the Hamilton facility Gary Christiansen and a corporate vice president discussed with Department of Commerce and economic promoters in Schweitzer’s office, state and federal programs that could help fund the expansion.

"The Governor has instructed us to make sure we turn over every stone we can," said Evan Barrett, chief business development officer in the Governor’s Office of Economic Opportunity. "We’re going to be working very aggressively with Corixa and local officials to make this happen."

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