Bioscience industry could grow in Idaho – Hundreds gather for glimpse of things to come

Idaho’s "famous potatoes" could one day help provide millions of people in developing countries with a much needed vaccine for hepatitis B that would be inexpensive and not require refrigeration.

Sound far-fetched? A genetically enhanced potato containing the vaccine already is being tested, according to a recent study released by the National Academy of Sciences.

Carl Feldbaum, the founder and former president of the National Biotechnology Industry Organization, said the potato is only one example of how Idaho could position itself as a leader in the bioscience industry.

Feldbaum, who now lives in Ketchum, was one of two keynote speakers at a Monday night dinner in Boise sponsored by the Idaho Bioscience Association (BioIdaho), a non-profit coalition of corporate, academic and political leaders. The dinner brought together more than 350 state and local leaders, as well as educators and business and industry leaders for a glimpse at what Idaho’s bioscience future could look like.

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