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AsiMi bosses moving to Butte

Advanced Silicon Materials Inc. will move its corporate offices from Moses Lake, Wash., to Butte, it was announced this week.

By The Standard Staff

The move means 20 to 25 more jobs at the Butte site south of Silver Bow. Most of the jobs will be in management.

Dave Keck, plant manager, will change his duties from manager to director of business development and planning. He’ll become responsible for
sales marketing and corporate planning.
Scott Brown, of the Moses Lake plant, will assume the duties of plant manager here.

The move is all part of the reorganization of the ASiMI operation into one plant.
Recently, ASiMI signed a joint agreement with Renewable Energy Corp. of Norway to produced polysilicon for the solar cell industry. That type of
polysilicon will be made at Moses Lake and is cheaper to make and buy and the requirements for the product are not as strigent as the type
manufactured for the semiconductor industry, such as that made in Butte.

The corporate offices will likely be housed at the Butte site, Keck said.
“ Other than that, the change won’t affect the Butte plant that much,” he said.

The Butte plant employs employs about 200. The plant recenlty laid off 16 employees due to the downturn in the silicon market. The changes in
production at the Moses Lake plant should not significantly affect the current silicon market value, Keck said.

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