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Montana University System to create universal application

The current system requires a student to fill out separate applications for each college or university within the system.

Despite Business Vacancies, Evergreen, Montana Confident in Economic Potential

“It does give a feeling of total vacancy,” Montana West Economic Development President Jerry Meerkatz said.

Rethinking education to make graduates – workers – future-proof

Choosing to invest in the complicated task of evolving education to "future-proof" workers is smarter than trying to future-proof jobs.

Downtown Missoula Host Site for 2019 Montana Downtown & Main Street Conference – 10/23-25

The theme of the annual conference is Seen and Unseen: Community Vision & Resources.

Dorsey eUpdate: NLRB Adopts “Contract Coverage” Standard to Apply to an Employer’s Unilateral Changes to Terms and Conditions of Employment

A recent decision by the National Labor Relations Boardmakes it easier for employers to change workplace rules without discussing the change with the union representing their

California Approves Statewide Rent Control to Ease Housing Crisis

Gov. Gavin Newsom, a Democrat who has made tenant protection a priority in his first year in office, led negotiations to strengthen the legislation.

City Officials Seek To Mold the Future of Driverless Cars

Using autonomous vehicles as a chance to shape streets for people.

Netflix co-founder and NOLS Board member Marc Randolph: Luck isn’t about chance—it’s about preparation

As the ancient Roman philosopher Seneca put it, “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”

The Four Things Startups Need Their Lawyers to Know

Make sure the attorneys you bring on board will be able to meet your company’s unique needs.

Breakthroughs are Not Left to Chance

I’ve been thinking about the MNA Conference theme, “Breakthrough”, for several months, and more so with just weeks until we meet together in Billings.

MSU Leadership Institute matches students with non-profits

Montana State University's Boardroom Bobcats places upper level undergraduate and graduate students on nonprofit boards and councils to serve as non-voting members.

Vision 2019 University of Montana Research, Innovation & Imagination

The real joy in seeing our research portfolio grow is the amazing research and creative outcomes of those projects and the impact they have — both socially and economically

Great Falls Downtown Visioning Charrette – 10/2

Join Neighbors, Developers, Property Owners, Resource Providers, and more on Wednesday, October 2nd for a visioning session on what we hope our downtown can be!

You’re going where? Missoula

With mountains to hike, rivers to fish and paths to bike, there are plenty of reasons to visit this heavenly former mill town.

Amble is helping people take time off of work and providing services to non-profits – Next opportunity – Glacier National Park

Amble invites creative professionals to take month-long sabbaticals in national parks, and their next program is coming to Glacier.

New Standing Sets Lure Filmmakers to Montana

Until recently, dependable standing sets have not existed in Montana, and I’m pleased to introduce you to not one, but two new locations.

America’s Transportation History is Full of Mistakes. Let’s Not Make Another One.

Instead of battling it out, cities and private mobility companies have an opportunity to work together and lay the foundation for a multimodal future.

California Passes Legislation that May Kill the Gig Economy

Should the bill pass the Assembly, Governor Gavin Newsom will almost certainly sign it.

Some Good Startups Don’t Qualify For Equity Investors

The simple reason is that it’s impossible to make money for investors when the goal of the company is to not make money.

Smith: Let’s make Wyoming the Creative State

One sure way to attract new business and prevent youth outmigration is to grow our cultural and creative economy through innovative public stimulus investment and unique new f

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