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Request for Proposal Food and Agriculture Business Specialist – Two Year Contract – Prospera Business Network


Date Posted: Jun 28, 2021

Job Description



Prospera Business Network is the leading non-profit organization advancing and supporting community-centered economic development in southwest Montana. Our focus is helping people start and grow their business – in turn strengthening our region’s economy and communities.


Prospera is formally designated Gallatin and Park County’s Certified Regional Development Corporation (CRDC), and is home to the Montana Women’s Business Center, Small Business Development Center, and Food and Ag Development Center (FADC).



Prospera is seeking an Independent Contractor to serve as a business specialist who will provide business technical assistance to those building and developing value-added food and agriculture businesses in southwest Montana.  Client work will be coordinated through Prospera’s business development program.


This contract will involve providing high-quality business support that will help area farms, ranches, distributors, and food product makers develop their “value-added” business.  The contractor will need to be well versed in Montana funding and grant programs for agriculture type businesses, and the rules, and regulations regarding food products.  Close coordination and recordkeeping will be required to support Prospera client records and contract requirements with the MT Department of Agriculture.


We anticipate the workload to be 500-600 hours per year, with the bulk of the effort being from September to May corresponding to state and federal grant programs. 


Scope of Work:

  • Collaborating with Prospera staff to service FADC clients.
  • Effectively communicating food safety rules and regulations regarding agriculture products and food products.
  • Meeting with and documenting business support efforts with FADC clients.
  • Organizing meetings or specialized trainings for FADC businesses.
  • Manage a pipeline of FADC business clients, and work with them to plan and create grant and loan funding applications that support business success.
  • Update client records in our CRM system, Neoserra.
  • Follow-up with clients to improve their operations with business planning, development strategies, financial review and analysis, marketing assistance, managing a business, cash flow management, business projections, financing, human resources and more.
  • Assist select FADC clients in applying for Growth Through Agriculture, USDA, or Big Sky Trust Fund value-added food/agriculture grants.
  • Continue our work to create a food center in southwest Montana.
  • Develop and write client success stories, program updates, and metrics.
  • Plan for and organize up to three agriculture/food related trainings per year.


Your Proposal and Response:

Proposals should be no more than five (5) pages and include a description of your experience and qualifications for this proposal, and the strategic approach you are offering to provide these services.


  • Cover Letter, with principle and name of the firm, and resume
  • A narrative response of your interest and qualifications in this scope of work.
    • Background in business development and/or food and agriculture businesses
    • Your approach to assisting business clients
    • Skills and capabilities regarding the scope of work
    • Your proposed fees or hourly rate
  • 3 references of similar work (within the last 5 years)
    • Name of Project and summary of the work
    • Client contact information, phone number and email address
  • Other supporting documents if needed


Contract award will be given to those with strong business expertise, practical business knowledge, and a well-reasoned strategic approach to the scope of work. Proof of Montana Workers Compensation or Independent Contractor Exemption Certificate will be required within 30 days of a contract award. Contract not to exceed $22,000 annually.


Due Date:  Deadline for Submission is Monday, July 19, 2021 at 5pm.  Email your response with “Food and Agriculture Business Specialist” in the subject line to:  [email protected].


We are hosting a Q+A on Tuesday, July 6th at 4pm if you have any questions:




Prospera reserves the right to accept or reject any proposal, request additional information from respondents, and negotiate with any party in a manner that best serves its interest.




How To Apply

Due Date:  Deadline for Submission is Monday, July 19, 2021 at 5pm.  Email your response with “Food and Agriculture Business Specialist” in the subject line to:  [email protected].

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