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Montana Career Opportunity – Director of Community Engagement and Destination Stewardship – Glacier Country Tourism Regional Tourism Commission


Date Posted: Sep 10, 2022

Job Description

This position is responsible for leading key community engagement and stewardship GCT initiatives, ensuring Western Montana’s growth and sustainability, while improving quality of life as it continues to evolve as a choice destination.

The Director of Community Engagement and Destination Stewardship will be responsible for carrying out the destination stewardship strategy implementation – a ten year plan for the destination to build upon resident quality of life and the visitor experience – through collaborating with government and tribal entities, community partners and residents, implementation of the recommendations as prioritized and funded annually, and development and facilitation of project management of our strategic initiatives. This includes developing and maintaining strong relationships with the organization’s strategic partners (economic development organizations, chambers of commerce, government and tribal entities, educational institutions, industry stakeholders, etc.) to execute action plans and deliver on key milestones and goals. As a core member of the team, you will be tasked with ensuring all goals are met or exceeded, and you will lead and facilitate the community engagement strategy. This position includes understanding how the actions of GCT and the industry impact the community, thinking about the big picture and identifying ways to promote tourism’s benefits or mitigate its impacts.

The Director of Community Engagement and Destination Stewardship position is a full-time position, based out of the Missoula office, who will work with communities and partners in the Glacier Country region. They will collaboratively work with the leadership team in order to promote the overall mission of GCT. The position reports to the president CEO and works closely with the board of directors, staff, partners, industry partners and communities. Ability to travel up to six months per year across Montana, regionally and nationally is required.

Roles and responsibilities:

Economic development and destination stewardship initiatives:

  • Oversee the implementation of the destination stewardship plan as prioritized and funded annually, including research, selection and management of projects
  • Collaborate with government and tribal entities, community partners and residents, tourism industry, strategic partners, other related businesses to facilitate on-going destination development in line with destination stewardship plan and key GCT initiatives
  • Manage prioritization, planning, funding and implementation for the destination stewardship plan recommendations on behalf of GCT and tourism industry
  • Develop and strengthen strategic partnerships to enhance regional economic development, sustainability and growth
  • Implement GCT’s economic strategies as part of the destination stewardship facilitation
  • Support the development of policy for select regional and statewide tourism and economic issues in line with GCT
  • Develop programing to support the attraction, retention and expansion of new and existing tourism related businesses, jobs and talent
  • Serve as the expert for GCT’s support, community initiatives, economic impact, development and community relations
  • Staff various destination stewardship plan-related task forces, committees and public speaking engagements

 Strategic engagement:

  • Develop and strengthen strategic partnerships to enhance regional economic development, sustainability and growth
  • Serve as the GCT’s expert on visitor economy impact on economic development
  • Liaise with economic development organizations, chambers of commerce, industry associations, community-based organizations, etc. on behalf of GCT and tourism industry
  • Meet with elected officials, their representatives and staff to keep them informed of the value of tourism and the needs related to the industry
  • Attend city council and county commissioner meetings, advisory body meetings and public workshops as needed
  • Monitor all city council and county commission agendas for items that impact or relate to the hospitality and tourism industry for additional follow up, outreach when needed
  • Analyze, lead and participate in the implementation of community-based programs, projects and initiatives
  • Initiate and recommend GCT’s participation in speaking engagements to create awareness within the corporate and government sectors
  • Collaboratively work with president CEO on a course of action as appropriate and keep GCT colleagues and board members informed about key political, social, cultural, economic and environmental issues

Event and project management:

  • Assist in the planning and management of GCT and community meetings, including operations, coordination, hosting of strategic partners, board of directors, etc.

Operational duties:

  • Manage priorities consistent with destination stewardship plan
  • Meet and exceed goals with a specific focus on established KPIs
  • Execute engagement strategies effectively and in a timely manner
  • Assist with additional responsibilities as requested

How To Apply

Visit Glacier Country Tourism’s Partner Center for a complete job description.

Please submit cover letter, resume and five references to [email protected] no later end of day Friday, September 23, 2022. (Date has been extended.)

Title email submissions: Stewardship Job Application, (NAME), (DATE)

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