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Montana Career Opportunities – Economic Development Specialist , Community Housing Program Coordinator – City of Bozeman

City of Bozeman Economic Development

Date Posted: Oct 23, 2021

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As a City of Bozeman employee, you will be part of a team that is committed to impacting and serving the community. This great opportunity also provides enrollment in an established retirement system with significant employer contribution, generous vacation and sick time accruals, and excellent medical, dental and vision benefits!

Economic Development Specialist

Provides professional level management support to the Director of Economic Development, and/or their designees, through economic development, redevelopment, parking, community housing, neighborhoods and community engagement activities related to projects, planning, marketing and research work necessary for implementing the City’s Strategic Plan, Economic Development Strategy, Downtown Strategic Parking Management Plan, housing plans, urban renewal plans, and other relevant or overlapping plans. General responsibilities include coordinating with the Director, or their designee, and assisting with the implementation of projects and programs that support activities of the Department including but not limited to general economic development; business attraction and retention; education and workforce development, development of public facilities, community housing, including parking and other public infrastructure; grant tracking and management business development initiatives; and other economic development, urban renewal, redevelopment or capital improvement programs or projects.



Community Housing Program Coordinator

In this essential role you will be responsible for the administration, coordination, research, and implementation of policies and programs related to community housing in the City of Bozeman. This includes, but is not limited to, budgeting and reporting, resource management, public education and engagement, and preparing and implementing related grant applications. This position requires friendly and consistent customer service to a variety of groups and individuals including, but not limited to the Planning and Community Development Personnel, other City employees, Municipal, State and Federal officials, business and community organizations, and the general public.




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