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Free Webinar – Managing Difficult People!

April 19 @ 11:00 am - 1:00 pm


Russ Cherry – International Speaker, Trainer, and Author will guide you to success when it comes to managing your difficult employees.

After this seminar you and your staff will be better equipped to:
1. Understand the difficult people in your life
2. Learn how they think
3. Learn what they fear
4. Learn why they do what they do
5. Know what to specifically do and say to get compliance
6. Be less of a target for difficult people
7. Teach problem people to treat you with respect

Recognize the Characteristics of Difficult People

Everyone has dealt with at least one truly difficult person in his or her career. But nobody believes THEY are a truly difficult person. Only about one out of every five people can be classified as “truly” difficult. But they have such a significant impact on those around them that being able to identify them is critical. You will learn the difference between those people in your organization who may be challenging and the characteristics of those who are deeply difficult.

Avoid the Pitfalls Difficult People Can Create

Employees or colleagues who get under our skin seem to have a special talent of sorts. Too often, the things we do in an attempt to counter their behaviors draw us slowly into their trap. We may try to excuse their behavior, ignore it, collude with them or try to change them, all of which are a waste of time, generally unhealthy and almost always unproductive. This seminar will help you discover your “pitfall pattern” and give you the insights you need to avoid potential traps.

Learn to Beat Them at Their Own Game

Once you have identified a truly difficult person and are aware of your own “pitfall pattern”, you are ready to implement five powerful tools that may result in long-lasting behavioral change: Stand Up Straight, Talk Straight, Listen, Triangles and Active Problem Solving. These tools, when used properly, can bring new life to you and your organization as you are at last able to beat difficult people at the game they’ve likely been playing subconsciously for years and get them to take action. As you make the most of these tools, you will feel re-energized and ready to take action.

Know the Nine

To fine-tune the principles outlined you will have the opportunity to examine the many different types of people —including nine key profiles you are most likely to encounter.


April 19
11:00 am - 1:00 pm
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Russ Cherry
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