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2021 International Mass Timber Conference to Highlight Missoula March 30 – April 1 Virtually

March 30 - April 1

The 2021 International Mass Timber Conference will highlight mass timber projects and key developments in Missoula to an international audience. The conference, which brings together professionals from across the forest, manufacturing, design, development, construction, and tech industries, expects over 2000 attendees from over 30 countries. The virtual tour of Missoula will feature innovative, sustainable design using mass timber, while highlighting Missoula as a place prime for job growth, particularly in the tech industry. Tech giants like Microsoft, Google, and Facebook are all using mass timber for future building projects. So, what’s the deal with mass timber, and why are tech companies involved in a conference about it?

Mass timber* is a category of wood products used for framing large buildings that are much stronger than traditional wood products. These products offer an alternative to steel framing, concrete, and masonry, and are particularly suited to use in buildings where light wood-frame construction is not feasible due to the size and structure. Mass timber is an appealing alternative to traditional products due to its superior performance in a few areas:

  1. Mass timber is sustainable. 

    Replacing steel with mass timber would reduce carbon dioxide emissions by between 15-20%. The lumber used in the manufacture of mass timber products is a renewable resource harvested responsibly and sustainably.

  2. Mass timber is strong.

    Mass timber weighs much less than steel and concrete, which reduces the size of the foundation. Its high strength-to-weight ratio gives mass timber superior performance during seismic activities.

  3.  Mass timber construction is efficient.

    Mass timber buildings are faster to construct and require much less construction traffic than buildings constructed with concrete and steel. Mass timber panels are prefabricated and assembled on site, which translates to shorter timelines and safer construction sites.

While what building materials to choose for a new office structure might seem like something that should be left to the construction experts, the application of mass timber products is garnering more and more attention from decision makers across industries who value innovative and sustainable design.

The 2021 International Mass Timber Conference will be held virtually March 30 – April 1. Click here for more information on the conference.

* Source: Mass Timber Code Coalition

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