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SimBio is a small (but growing!) educational software company based in beautiful Missoula, MT.  Our popular teaching tools, used in college courses worldwide, employ sophisticated simulations and other interactives to teach biology in an inquiry-driven learning style. We also conduct grant-funded research to understand how to make educational software more effective. Our products allow students to conduct simulated experiments similar to those performed by practicing scientists, in fields of biology where live experiments are impractical or impossible. SimUText®, our proprietary delivery system, makes it easy for instructors to create assignments and to monitor and assess student learning. Our goal is to improve biology education through the appropriate use of advanced technology. And to help make teaching and learning biology fun!

While SimBio’s products are creative, innovative, and cutting-edge, our corporate culture might be described as a little “old school”. We believe in and support quality of life both in and out of work, which likely contributes to our extraordinarily low turnover rate. We aim to hire people who find it motivating to play a role in building something that is special and worthwhile. One result of this is that we all have great colleagues, which makes work stimulating and rewarding. While we prefer to hire in Montana, we offer a lot of flexibility, including the option to work remotely (so long as it does not interfere with productivity or teamwork).

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