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With 1 Simple Word, Ex-Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz Revealed the Company’s Biggest Problem. It’s a Lesson in Emotional Intelligence

Look closely at Howard Schultz’s recent advice on how to fix Starbucks, and a key insight emerges.

57 Years Ago, a Legendary Psychologist Discovered the 7-38-55 Rule. It’s Still the Secret to Exceptional Emotional Intelligence

The classic psychological rule is often misapplied. But when understood correctly, it can radically improve your EQ.

A Neuroscientist Explains the Truth of Emotional Intelligence

We have a lot more say when it comes to our emotional lives.

Emotional Intelligence in the Age of AI – Daniel Goleman

If you are ready to start or deepen your work in emotional intelligence, you can learn more here. 

People With High Emotional Intelligence Use 5 Simple Words to Become Exceptionally Persuasive

I think it’s worth the effort of a little bit of simple memorization.

Announcing Daniel Goleman Emotional Intelligence Courses

I’m delighted to share with you matters close to my heart, ideas that I find stimulating, and some practical tips and leads that you might find useful. At the heart, of course, you’ll find emotional intelligence. But my interests also go far beyond; you’ll get a taste of that range here. PLUS news you can put to use in your life or work – or in both. Please join me each month.

The ultimate science-backed guide to emotional intelligence at work

Workers who cultivate emotional intelligence are less prone to chronic stress or burnout and exhibit more resilience and job satisfaction overall. 

What does emotional intelligence mean for teams?

Teams can improve their emotional intelligence by being open about discomfort and encouraging direct communication and collaboration, writes Evan Watkins about research conducted by TalentSmartEQ. “Acknowledge that emotions are real and make an active effort to work with them, not against them,” Watkins writes.

Warren Buffett’s Lesson on Emotional Intelligence May Be the Best Advice You Will Hear Today

The Oracle of Omaha heard this advice over forty years ago and still applies it today.

Disney’s Former CEO Bob Iger Just Explained the Reason He Resigned. It’s the Best Example of Emotional Intelligence I’ve Seen Yet

“I started listening less,” Iger said of his leadership style. It was a sign it was time to leave.