Local tech firm commonFont feeds Bozeman's communal fountain one gift at a time

June 12, 2018

Abby Schlatter and Matt Fulton came to the area to launch commonFont http://www.commonFont.com , a Bozeman-based professional services company that works to bolster its clients' customer experience through software customization and implementation. The tech startup serves international corporations like Toyota, Fidelity Investments, and Verizon from its Downtown Bozeman offices. But even back in commonFont's infancy, the partners weren't just looking for a scenic, buzzy locale where they could capitalize on the remote work trend.

commonFont's proprietors brought their expertise to Bozeman with the intention of starting a business that, as it grew, would also benefit the community. "It is up to us, collectively, as members of the community, and also entrepreneurs and business leaders, to define the ethos of what it means to do business in this place," Fulton says. "Just being here isn't enough. We have to have a positive impact."